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A silly gift from the past – is a precious gift today

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IMAG1138 Christmas gifts 2016 and 2017Today I was cleaning out boxes, and drawers, and an accumulation of ‘good stuff’ that hasn’t been used in months or even years.

While I was sorting I re-discovered a funny little Christmas gift from my husband Lawrie. He loved new gadgets. Fun electronics. Oddities.

In 2015 he decided that I absolutely had to have the newest Cube Camera from Polaroid. It is literally a cube, about one inch by one inch with a memory card, and a lens. It can take videos or snapshots,  but has no place to view what you are recording. You just push the button and hope that you are recording something worthwhile.

I laughed. I couldn’t help myself. “Why would I want a camera that I can’t aim?” I asked.

I think I hurt his feelings. I did try to use it once or twice but gave up in frustration. He tried it during Carnaval of 2016, but didn’t seem overly satisfied either. We put the Cube Camera in a drawer and forgot about it.

In 2017 Lawrie once again decided that I absolutely needed a new gadget. He bought me a pair of video recording sunglasses. Our Christmas presents were usually meant to be fun and silly, so why not video sunglasses?

I have a habit of leaving my sunglasses on top of the microwave in the kitchen when they are not on my face or hooked in the v-neck of my shirt.

On a whim I decided to see if there was anything on the memory card of the Cube Camera. I had to hunt through my collection of electronic accessories to find an adapter that would fit the tiny card into the computer.

And yes there were images! He had managed to video a little bit of Carnaval on the cube with a lot of ground, feet, and heads but no sound. I saved a few of the videos anyway.

Then I decided I might as well check the memory card of the sunglasses since I had already found the adapter.  Well, there were 10 GB of mostly my feet and me talking to both dogs, Sparky and Max on our walks or as I threw a tennis ball for Max to retrieve.  The charge in the sunglasses eventually ran out and the recordings stopped.

But in among the endless minutes of nothing  were a few minutes of my friend Julie and I gossiping outside our gate. She was passing by with her little dog, and stopped to chat to Sparky, Max and I.

And in that video there was a five second glimpse of my love, as he came out of our front gate and said good morning to Julie.

My heart stopped.  Lawrie had passed away in September of 2018 from Rapid Onset ALS.

What a wonderful gift to see him again, and to hear him say, “Good morning!”





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  1. This is so beautiful, Lynda. Thanks for sharing. Makes my heart happy and sad all at the same time. Sending love, Ashley Villa La Bella: B&B by the Sea 997949™

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