Isla Mujeres Mystery ~ Lynda L. Lock

My friend Julie posted a funny sign on Facebook yesterday, and tagged me. “It’s Monday evening, do you know where your wine glass is?”  At five-o’clock, wine time in our island neighbourhood Sparky and I headed out the door to mooch a glass of wine (for me) and a rawhide bone (for him).

Monday Evening - wine glass

I opened the front door and discovered my courtyard was awash in water. Oh, crap! Water is a very expensive commodity on Isla Mujeres. Every drop has to be piped over from the mainland city of Cancun and it costs dearly.

I raced over to the faucet to shut it off and then thought back to how this had happened.

I had turned the water on around noon, at a very slow drip to soak a pot. In the meantime I put a chicken on the BBQ to roast.  Sparky, Boo the Cat, and I planned to share later in the afternoon. Then Julie and her cute little teacup Schnauzer, Princess Izzy arrived for a visit on the return leg of their walk.

DSCN3231 Julie and Rob full moon Dec 2018 edited.jpg

We chatted for a bit and agreed that since it was Monday, it must be a wine night, and Sparky and I should come for a glass of wine later in the afernoon. I took the chicken off the BBQ, had lunch, wrote a bit for Book #5, took Sparky out for a golf cart ride and a pee-break, and then we had a nap.

And, the hose was still ‘dripping’ into the pot. By the time five o’clock rolled around the pot was overflowing, the courtyard was awash, and there was a large stream headed down the street.

DSCN7507 Hibiscus

In the future if anyone happens to see a river of water flowing from under my gate  … please feel free to knock on the door and remind me to turn off the damn hose!  I can’t always blame Julie, but this time she did distract me with her visit and the offer of wine later in the afternoon.

So, it’s kind of her fault.



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