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Adventures of a golf car riding lizard

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Our morning golf cart rides are typically just Sparky and I, although over the past ten years we have had two other dogs, Perla and Max share the ride. Then this past Christmas, Boo the Cat ‘helped’ me decorate the golf cart for the parade. And a few years ago a land turtle was upside down on a sidewalk so Sparky and I gave it a ride to the nearest Salina.

Giving a turtle a lift to the water

Today – we had a hitchhiker in the form of the little lizard who normally hangs out on the garden hose in the carport. It got in the golf cart and no matter how hard I tried it wasn’t moving from its hiding spot under the drink holder. I told it, “well buddy, you are going for a ride, so hang on!” We drove into Centro. Sparky had his walk. We drove home. I checked under the drink holder and the lizard was still there. I guess it just wanted a little adventure, to explore other parts of the island.


Larry the Lizard is now car-surfing!

Sparky and I took a second trip Centro with a stack of my novels for Jenny Penny Beach Boutique on Hidalgo Avenue. When we returned home, and I parked the cart – the hitchhiking lizard jumped off the ROOF of the golf cart! He had been car-surfing on the roof into town and back again. This guy has become an adrenaline-junkie. I was waiting for a high-five and a “thanks for the ride, man,” but he didn’t say anything.

4 covers black

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