Isla Mujeres Mystery ~ Lynda L. Lock

At 5:32 a.m. this morning Sparky woke me up at his usual time.

Then I realized that for the first time in 38 years there was absolutely no coffee in the house, not a bean, not a teaspoon of coffee grounds not even a whiff of my favourite drug: caffeine. Ensuring we had a minimum of four kilos of coffee on hand was Lawrie’s self-appointed job … and apparently I don’t do as good a job as he did.

I gave his photograph a very stern talking-to for not reminding me the coffee was running low. Then Sparky and I hopped in the golf cart and drove to Centro. I sat outside Roosters on the Go, staring longingly at the closed sign.

Eventually the cafe opened at its usual time and the young man quickly made me a grande latte. I think I made him a little nervous as my eyes tracked his every movement. A few sips, and my heart started beating again.

I have now restocked my supply.

Cheers from Lynda and Sparky

Nyons France - 1991

(Photo: morning coffee break 1991 in southern France.)

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