Isla Mujeres Mystery ~ Lynda L. Lock

Whooo Hooo!  I just received Lynda L. Lock’s 4 Isla Mystery books. 

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Terry Etter – happy reader

Whooo Hooo!!!  I just received Lynda L. Lock’s four Isla books.

I started Treasure Isla and I was hooked at the first sentence of the prologue. They’re available at a reasonable price on Amazon in large size paperback (easy to read) and digital. Her books are Treasure Isla, Trouble Isla, Tormenta Isla and Temptation Isla.

I loved the dedication to her late husband Lawrie where she ends with, “If rain is liquid sunshine, my tears are liquid love.”

I was ready to go back to work but so glad school is closed since my books arrived.


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Dedication – Paradise Lost

Lawrie Lock; March 3rd 1942 – September 3rd 2018

Paradise is normally considered to be a place, but for me paradise is a person; my husband, adventure partner, world-traveler, lover and best friend – Lawrie Lock.

He was always my rock, my inspiration, my sounding board. We’ve traveled the world together getting into mischief, sticky situations and occasionally heated arguments that revolved around a finicky classic car doing something weird.

His recent diagnosis of Rapid Onset ALS caught us by surprise, and the speed with which Lawrie declined into complete paralysis took our breath away. But through it all he smiled that killer-gorgeous smile, and tried to make the best of a horrific situation. He slipped away on September 3rd 2018, at home, looking at the beautiful Caribbean Sea.

If the rain is liquid sunshine, then my tears are liquid love. I will love you to my last breath.

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