Isla Mujeres Mystery ~ Lynda L. Lock
Sunrise from our upper deck – March 3rd

It’s been a hectic week but Wednesday was probably the craziest day. Our house was busy with friends coming and going from early morning to late afternoon.

Eileen Regn, H.A.L.O (Helping Animals Living Overseas) stopped in to help with the paperwork for our second dog Max to travel to his new home in Phoenix. Maxie and I travel next Wednesday. It’s a bittersweet goodbye to the little guy. He’s a sweet boy, but two dogs are too much for Lawrie to have underfoot with his medical condition, PSP, Progressive Supranuclear Palsy. 

Ismael Yam installing our new doors in bedroom/bathroom

Our friend, Neil Fox dropped by in the morning to try and sort out my Facebook account. A nasty virus came through on “Messenger” from one of those – please pass this important information along to all of your friends  group messages, that I never open nor do I pass along, yet my account still got the virus. 

Neil and I are still hopeful we can resuscitate my account with his top 10-hit list of how to kill a virus. In the meantime I can neither answer anything on messenger, nor comment on anyone posts. Please my email address instead:

Beautiful new barn-door for our bathroom

As Neil was working on curing my computer, Gerry Haas and Patty Magrini arrived with a batch of her home made pirogis – she thought we were looking skinny. Yummy treat!  

Thanks Patty! And thank you too Gerry for being her chauffeur.

Richard and Linda Grierson, Lawrie’s sister and brother-in-law, popped over to see how things were progressing. 

Then a wonderful surprise in the form of Lyn McGrath appeared at our front gate. She was walking from Centro to her home in South Point and just thought she would stop in for a chat. What a delightful gift to spend some time with her. 

While our various friends were arriving, chatting, helping out, fattening us up and then leaving, two ladies were valiantly trying to clean up the construction dust and grit. The changes and renovations to our lower floor are 99% complete and we are mostly moved in and organized. 

It’s odd, we have lived in this house for almost ten years, but now it feels like a whole new location. We have to re-think where to put things. Do we really need to keep that? When was the last time we used a particular item, a piece of clothing, or an odd-ball serving dish? Many, many things have found new homes this week.

Sparky and Max, insecure and hiding under computer desk

Our two dogs are apprehensive about the changes. Why are you moving my bed? What did you do with my toys? 

Max has a new fur-ever home in Phoenix, and I am taking him there next week. He doesn’t know of course, but his new roommate is a beautiful young lady by the name of Willow. She has to be one of the prettiest dogs I have ever seen. We are hoping it is love at first sight.

And finally, just as we waved a thankful goodbye to the cleaning ladies for leaving us with a fresh, dust-free home again our good friend and contractor Patricio Yam, and his son Sergio showed up with the new air conditioner for our bedroom.   

Waiting for Max to arrive.

The house had been clean for at least five minutes, and now the chip, chip, chip starts again!  

For those of you that are not familiar with the construction of houses in Mexico almost everything is made from concrete. 

Any changes involve a lot of chipping, noise and dust. We all had a good laugh over a glass of wine about their timing.

That’s what we love about living here, the caring and helpful family, friends and neighbours. 

Cheers Lynda & Lawrie

Lawrie – trying out our new bistro bar stools in the kitchen

Make a Difference – Tuesday March 13th
An evening of support of the Ron Brown Scholarship Fund.
Come join Sparky and Lynda Lock
5 – 7 p.m. at Villa la Bella B&B
$25 USD per person

– Book signing by Lynda Lock, author of the Isla Mujeres-based mystery series. Enter Lynda’s contest to be the next character to die in her new novel.
– Music by Jeff Current
– Cash bar; one free margarita or beer courtesy of Villa la Bella.
– Appetizers 
– Meet some of the RBSF graduates

The Ron Brown Scholarship Fund has been set up to honor Ron’s memory and his commitment to the island of Isla Mujeres and its people. On his behalf, our goal is to provide financial assistance to promising, dedicated students in order to further their education and enable them to improve their lifestyle. We feel this opportunity will not only benefit the students, but also their families and in turn, the whole community. To date, the fund has helped 17 young Islenos fulfill their dream of higher education.

How to get tickets:
In Advance

RSVP Here: (Cash collected at door)

Contact Gwen Brown at

Can’t make it but still want to help: 

Coming Soon Book #3 Tormenta Isla


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