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Locals enjoying the sunrise

What can you do when you are surrounded by the beautiful turquoise Caribbean Sea?
Start your day with the sunrise, or in some cases you might just be headed to bed after being out all night dancing. 
The sunrises here are usually spectacular unless it happens to be one of those rare cloudy days, and even then the sun might give you a multi-coloured light-show as the glowing orb clears the horizon before disappearing into the clouds.
Visitors enjoying the beach before the crowds arrive 
Go for a walk on the beach while enjoying your morning coffee, smoothie, or whatever other beverage you want to start your day with. 
While you are out enjoying the early morning calm you might see the beach cleaning crew raking the sand, sifting for discarded cigarette butts and bottle caps, picking up trash and removing potentially dangerous overhead coconuts. 
If you happen to have an extra bottle of water with you, pass it along. These folks start work at sunrise to make the beaches clean and tidy for the next round of sun-worshipers.
Coconut removal crew 
Get your towel, sunscreen, sunglasses, a bit of money for food and drinks, and don’t forget your reading material. 
(May I recommend to enjoyable beach reads? My two novels, Treasure Islaand Trouble Isla – are entertaining mysteries set on this fabulous little island.) 
Head to the beach and claim your favourite spot.
Order lunch from one of the many beach-side restaurants and bars. 
The wait-staff with happily deliver it to you. Don’t forget to tip, but please no foreign coins, including American or Canadian. Coins are only valuable in their country of origin. 
Find your favourite spot
For instance: American coins are only good in the USA, and occasionally in Canada and then only at face value. Canadian coins are only good in Canada, Americans will not accept them. 
Euros are only good in Europe, Americans and Canadians don’t accept them. 
Okay, you get the idea. Using the currency of the country you are in is always the easiest solution.

Great place to people-watch 
People watch to your heart’s content. 
There are beaches for sunning and swimming, beaches where the fishermen repair their nets, clean and sell their daily catch, beaches for surf-casting, beaches to investigate the under-water inhabitants, and beaches where on windy days the enthusiasts for kitesurfing, bodysurfing and regular surfing play in the warm waves.

Windy day – surfs up
Then wrap up your day with a long leisurely dinner at a beachside restaurant while watching the sun sink into the ocean. 
If you are lucky you will get another vibrant display, the kind that we refer to as a “Tony Garcia Sunset.” 
Captain Tony seems to have a natural instinct for when the light, clouds and atmospheric conditions are optimum for producing the best technicolour displays.
Peaceful beauty 

Okay, so not exactly 101 ideas, but we’ll leave you to come up with your own plans as you enjoy the white sand, the turquoise ocean, and the clear blue sky.
Hasta Luego

Lynda & Lawrie

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