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Sometimes life throws you a curve-ball

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Max – September 2017

About nine months ago we adopted an adorable black and white part-terrier part-whatever dog, because he looked like a cousin to our almost-famous Sparky, plus the new guy desperately needed a home.
He was known in his neighbourhood as Max, although I think he should be called Hoover because the dog enjoys his food. He had been living rough for five years, sleeping in the street until someone accidentally ran over him in January of 2017.

Max – Janaury 2017
Dr. Delfino Guevara and his dedicated crew at Clinica Veterinaria de Isla Mujeres patched him up, and Eileen Regn of H.A.L.O. (Helping Animals Living Overseas) found him a caring, but temporary foster home on the island with fellow Canadian Sylvie Staines. Then when Sylvie returned to Canada in May, Eileen began actively looking for a new fur-ever home for Max. We said sure, we’ll take him.
He’s a very affectionate little guy. He worships Lawrie as the first man who ever treated him kindly, and Lawrie loves him.
Lawrie and the boys! Sparky and Max
But in January of this year my sweetie, Lawrie, was diagnosed with a debilitating disease – PSP, Progressive Supranuclear Palsy. The left side of his body doesn’t get the messages from his brain as quickly as the right side does. PSP creates serious stability and mobility issues for him.
Max likes to run and greet Lawrie with his paws on his knees, or to spin in happy circles. It’s just too risky for Lawrie having so much activity while he is trying to move around in the house. 
From existing on the street for five years to living inside a house Max has progressed well in nine months that he has been with us. The funny thing about street dogs is that besides not knowing how to behave inside a house they don’t know how to play. We have taught Maxie to play fetch with a tennis ball, and he enjoys it. He swims in the oceans, runs up and down the beach and fetches anything he can including discarded plastic bottles and other bits of ocean junk.
Max – learning to swim

He is housebroken, which he wasn’t, but he will have to adjust to your schedule. We are early risers and the boys zip out for a quick pee before we have our morning coffee, then we do a longer walk before breakfast, later a short afternoon respite for them and writing break for me, and finally a quick pee before bed. Once he settles into the new routine you will find that he is quite capable of ‘holding it’ for quite a few hours. He just needs to know what to expect from his new family. If you have a fenced yard, well, that would be doggy heaven for him!

Sparky and Max in our carito de golf
Maxie is still a little timid with new people until he gets to know them better. Having said that, we have recently had eight men working in our casa on Isla Mujeres for two week, creating a main floor bedroom and bathroom for us to accommodate Lawrie’s reduced mobility. Max has been totally calm and accepting of the guys coming and going all during the day.
The first time I tried to put a harness on Max he was very nervous, but now he knows that it means he is going out for a walk or a ride and he is happy to cooperate. He walks very well with a leash and harness, better than Sparky who likes to pull me where he thinks we should go. The biggest difference that we notice between the two male dogs is Sparky will add his ‘mark’ at least thirty or forty times on a pee-walk, while Max usually has a huge pee and just gets it done! The look of pure relief on his face is comical.

Max on left – Sparky on right. 

Max had to figure out how to climb or descend stairs, which were a big mystery to him. Learning to get into a golf carts or a car was another new experience, and going for a ride has become one of his favourite activities. He will play fetch for hours with a tennis ball. I say “Ready?” Then toss the ball and he will bring it back. “Drop the ball.” I pat him, and he’ll do it again, and again. When he’s had enough running he will keep the ball and carry it back to the golf cart.

Sparky and Max not sure about the renovations to their house

He enjoys his big comfy bed and his toys, which would go with him. He still carries his very first toy that Sylvie gave him a year ago. The blue and grey elephant is dog-eared and dirty, repeated washings are unable to remove his loving slobber. It’s his favourite. I have to check his mouth before we go out for a walk otherwise the elephant might be dropped and forgotten when an interesting bird or crab claims his attention.
Lawrie with Max greeting him at ferry

As for kitties, we had a black feral cat E.B, who tried to move in about the same time that we adopted Max, but she decided that the rules were not to her liking and moved on. In the meantime she frequently clawed Maxie in his delicate the nose as she was passing by, so he has a healthy respect for cats, especially black cats. He hasn’t been a barker, but he likes to play-growl when excited. 

He needs someone who is kind and patient, and he will return your love a hundred-fold. Giving him up is a heart wrenching, but unavoidable decision for us.

Max is one of the characters in my next novel, Book #3 Tormenta Isla, as a dog rescued after the hurricane that hits the island. So, he’ll be a semi-famous pooch that someone can brag about to their friends. I will include a couple of complimentary paperback copies of ‘his’ novel for his new family.

Max gets a cameo appearance in #3
We have asked our friends at Isla Animals and H.A.L.O. to help us find him a new home as soon as possible, as Lawrie’s condition is changing daily. Both of the animal rescue societies have the experience to get him to you, with the proper health certificates, anywhere in Canada or the USA. He has to be out of Mexico before the airline heat-embargo deadline in late April or early May. After that, pets aren’t allowed in the cargo hold until later in the fall.

We would really prefer it if Max could be re-homed off the island as we don’t want him trying to find his way back to our house, but that condition is very negotiable. 

We’ll do anything to find Max a happy place to love and be loved.
If you are looking for a devoted pet, who yearns to be your very best friend – let’s talk, as soon as possible.

Life tossed us a curve-ball, and we have to whack it back.
Hasta Luego
Lynda & Lawrie
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This was a truly fun in the sun kind of mystery, with an authenticity that was simply captivating. Set on the island called Isla Mujeres, not far from the better-known Mexican resort of Cancun, it follows the misadventures of two girlfriends, who on a drunken binge manage to wander onto the grounds of a cemetery and find a treasure map stuck in a crevice of an old pirate tomb. Jessica, from Canada, and local pal Yasmin both work at a tourist bar/restaurant called the Loco Lobo. Soon their boss Carlos and a handsome attorney named Luis are involved in the girls’ illegal hunt for pirate gold. Toss in a bad dude running from a string of crimes in Key West, and it’s the start of an addictive new mystery series.

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Paperback are also available on Isla Mujeres at the Jenny Penny Boutique, Art Fair on Thursday evenings, or from the author. 

E-books available on Amazon, iTunes, Barnes & Noble, Kobo and Smashwords

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