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Music and laughter around the island

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Lawrie and I hanging out at Rosa Sirena’s Bar with friends

The great thing about living on Isla Mujeres is we can choose between dozens of venues to listen to a variety of fabulous music. Back in mid-September 2016 Lawrie and I wrote about the various artists that were at that time preforming on the island, but now we have even more choices.

Ken Wanovich – FB profile pic

After visiting the island regularly since the 1980’s Ken Wanovich and his wife Debbie have recently joined the group of gringo-residents on the island. They tossed aside their life in the USA and arrived in Mexico with a few possessions to start their new pared-down island lifestyle. We and a group of friends went to North Garden Restaurant on Wednesday to listen to Ken’s eclectic mix of classic rock, oldies, country, and tropical ‘ass-in-the-sand’ Zach Brown or Jimmy Buffet tunes. We all knew the words, and ‘helped’ Ken with his singing. It was a fun toe-tapping afternoon that exploded into full-on dancing in the tiny restaurant. Ken plays at a variety of other locations on the island, including Caribbean Brisas on Thursday evenings. Friend him on Facebook for more information.

Henry Esquivel and Jeff at Jax’s – photo from FB page 

Then there is our good friend Jeff Current who, along with his five siblings, has been immersed in music all of his life. Jeff plays a wide variety of music that baby boomers like me, love. The money he raises on his “Tips for Testicles Tour” goes to Isla Animals for spaying and neutering cats and dogs. The music will get you on your feet and you will have a bit of fun for a good cause. He plays at Jax’s Bar & Grill on Wednesdays, and Barlito’s @ Marina Paraiso on Fridays. Wednesdays have become a real dilemma for us with both Jeff and Ken playing at different venues. 
Jeff is also on Facebook if you want to check his locations and times.

Rhett Thurman McGahee and Ckokoj Kiik – RS Facebook

And, very recently another good friend Rhett Thurman McGahee, a lead vocalist for a number of bands in the USA, has started performing again. She sings at the brand new, gorgeous Rosa Sirena’s Restaurant and Rooftop Palapa Bar. Rhett performs from 7 to 9 on Thursday evenings. Her stunningly beautiful voice is accompanied by Chokoj Kiik on piano. Rhett and her handsome husband Jeff McGahee are co-owners of the popular Isla Brewing Company located on Jesus Martinez Ross Avenue, across from the Comex paint store.   

Chef Willy Chacon in white – singing chef!

Located just south of the Mango Café, in a neighbourhood that is developing into a foodie’s paradise, the Rosa Sirena’s Restaurant and Rooftop Palapa Bar has an extensive lineup of musical talent, including chef-musician Willy Chacon. 

(I wonder if he sings in the kitchen while he is creating his delicious meals.) Like their Facebook page to stay connected.

We love this time of year. Fabulous music, great vocals and of course yummy food to savour while you enjoy the entertainment. 
Get out there and join in the fun!
Hasta Luego

Lynda & Lawrie

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There’s Trouble on Isla, Big Trouble!

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Yasmin and Jessica are back and the gold they found in Treasure Isla is still haunting them, especially when Carlos, their boss at the Loco Lobo, and Yasmin’s new lover, is kidnapped. No spoilers here, but his captivity and the girls’ efforts to free him, with the help of Carlos’s pals—including local Isla Mujeres fishermen and a Mexico City cop—are the crux of this fast-paced story. Lock has created not only a compelling and authentic setting, but a well-developed ensemble cast. The next Isla mystery can’t come fast enough.

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 Treasure Isla – where it all began!
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This was a truly fun in the sun kind of mystery, with an authenticity that was simply captivating. Set on the island called Isla Mujeres, not far from the better-known Mexican resort of Cancun, it follows the misadventures of two girlfriends, who on a drunken binge manage to wander onto the grounds of a cemetery and find a treasure map stuck in a crevice of an old pirate tomb. Jessica, from Canada, and local pal Yasmin both work at a tourist bar/restaurant called the Loco Lobo. Soon their boss Carlos and a handsome attorney named Luis are involved in the girls’ illegal hunt for pirate gold. Toss in a bad dude running from a string of crimes in Key West, and it’s the start of an addictive new mystery series.

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