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Celebrating the arrival of 2018 in the very best way!

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Fireworks at midnight on New Year’s Eve 
Of course, the best way has to be on Isla Mujeres where everyone, young and old, really knows how to welcome in the New Year. The square in front of the Palacio Municipal (City Hall) is typically jammed with thousands of celebrants ready to party until dawn.

The fun starts around 11 p.m. ish, this is Mexico don’t forget so everything starts close-ish to the advertised time. 

Food and drinks for party-goers

Drink and food stalls are the first to open, then the warm-up band blasts rock tunes or salsa over the crowd until the fireworks display at midnight.

Amid laughter and shouts of Happy New Year in several languages, people hug, kiss, rattle or honk their noise makers while dodging the burning embers raining down on the square from the overhead display of pyrotechnics. It’s a fantastically fun evening.

Fireworks at midnight NYE Isla Mujeres
Next the dozen-or-so headline entertainers crank up their amplifiers and rock the downtown area with horns, guitars, percussion, singers and dancers. You can dance your socks off until after sunrise. 

Sleep is not on the program tonight. Entire families spend the night dancing, eating, and drinking. 

Even the youngest ones can outlast Lawrie and me.

Lawrie in yellow sweater – Canadian New Year’s Eve
Over the past thirty-something years Lawrie and I have celebrated this special time in a variety of ways, from boisterous dinners at our home in Canada, to just the two of us sharing a bottle of good champagne. We’ve had dinner parties here on Isla with rooftop drinks to watch the fireworks in Centro. 

And we’ve have even participated in an odd northern custom of swimming in near-freezing ocean water early on New Year’s Day.

Isla Mujeres Navy personal helping with crowd control
Here on Isla Mujeres there is a much warmer, interesting custom that started a long time ago, perhaps when the footpath to the southern end of the island became an actual road. 

The hundreds of people drive to Punta Sur to welcome the first light, to greet the dawn of the brand new year. Punta Sur is the most easterly part of Mexico and receives the first rays of sunlight.

First Light – January 1st, Isla Mujeres
It’s an intriguing sight to see hundreds of cars, trucks, motos, and golf carts arrive with an assortment of people still dressed in their party finery. Sleepy kids snoozing in the back of pickup trucks are carried by their parents to the edge of the starfish-shaped plaza. Women teetering on stiletto heels clutch bottles of champagne. (Trouble Isla book #2 of my Isla Mujeres Mystery series)

Most people look spent, tired out, and ready for bed but it’s the perfect end to a perfect party. Others arrive bright-eyed and bushy tailed having slept soundly, far from the crazy celebrations in Centro. 

Everyone cheers the arrival of the new dawn then finally makes their way home to sleep for a few hours before the normal sounds of island life wake them up again.  

Max, Lawrie and Sparky – waiting for our champagne
As we were out walking our two dogs on the morning of January 1st we could still hear the music pounding from over a mile away, then at 7:30 a.m. it stopped. 

Yes, that’s right 7:30 in the morning the band stopped and the party officially ended.

Start making your plans now if you want to start the next year on Isla Mujeres, a Pueblo Magico, a magical town. You should book your accommodations and dinner at the popular restaurants well in advance. 

We know, it’s hard for you spur-of-the-moment folks, but it is really worth the effort to plan ahead.

This is the time of year to enjoy being alive, to create fantastic memories, and to look forward to another good year.

We wish you and your families a Happy, Healthy, and Prosperous 2018  
Lynda & Lawrie

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