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An explosion of new eateries on Isla!

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Yummy salad with chicken and citrus dressing
These last few months have seen an explosion of new restaurants, cafés, and eateries on the island plus a few favourites are undergoing massive remodels. 

The foodie scene is just getting better and better every year.

We recently enjoyed a fabulous lunch at the North Garden, which is attached to the new Paradise Suites on Avenida Carlos Lazo, and across from Sea Hawk Suites and Dive Shop. The restaurant is operated by Fernando from Argentina and Brenda from Monterrey Mexico who are very hospitable hosts. Fernando didn’t even mind us bringing Sparky and Max to sit under the umbrella at a street-side table. 

Lawrie at North Garden 
He even arranged a drink of water for the boys. I had a delicious salad with chicken and citrus dressing. Lawrie opted for the amazing tacos camarón, shrimp tacos. I stole a bite of his lunch. Mine was very tasty but his was – wow!  Delicious.

Our friends Debbie Crinigan and Willy Chacón are opening their Rosa Sirena’s Restaurante and Rooftop Bar sometime in December. They describe their food as new island cuisine with a variety of creations by Chef Willy using local ingredients, plus fresh fish, arrachera, ribeye, New York strip, and filet mignon. When Chef Willy isn’t creating incredible dinners he will be entertaining the guests with his fabulous voice and guitar music.  

Rosa Sirena’s Restaurante and Rooftop Bar
Anyone that has been the lucky recipient of Deb’s secret Santa parcels left on a doorstep will understand that my addiction will be the desserts. I’m thinking I might fall for the Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Pie like my character Jessica Sanderson does in Book #3 of the Isla Mujeres Mystery series. Located on the corner of Calles Josefa Ortiz de Dominguez and Narisco Medina, it is easily found by driving south a block past Mango Café and turning right onto Calle Narisco Medina across from Caribbean Brisas. It’s the three-story building at the end of a short block.

Mango Cafe closed for remodeling
And speaking of Mango Café, it is undergoing a massive remodel incorporating the building beside the restaurant as well as adding another floor. Polo Avila says he doesn’t have a firm re-opening date as yet but the crews are hurrying to get it done as soon as possible. The busy season is just starting and every restaurant owner on the island wants to be operating at top capacity.

Chilitos by Ruben 2nd floor

One of our recent favourites, Javi’s Cantina, has also remodeled, expanding into their back lot. The new garden area has a second level, a stage for musical performers and a huge new kitchen. We are looking forward to more delicious meals and live music.

Then there is Ruben’s new second-floor eatery – Chilitos by Rubenlocated in Colonia la Gloria at #18 Mojarra Street. They are open from Monday to Saturday from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. We have already heard good things about the food.
Inside the Isla 33 condominiums on the eastern side of the island, south of Villa la Bella B&B, the new Topaz bar has opened to rave reviews for their food. And speaking of Villa la Bella, Slow Foods hopes to re-open at that location in mid-December. They make the best skirt-steak sliders we have ever had.
Tarima Food Park

Another new one restaurant is La Tarima Food Park, located on Rueda Medina out past the orange-coloured housing complex for navy officers and their families. The restaurant is near Oscar’s Pizza but across the street. It’s a funky outdoor space with lots of seating, interesting lighting and greenery. We stopped to check the menu. The baguettes and hamburgers look great, worth coming back to try it another day.

Then in chatting with Ben Coleman and Vicki Dupuy, we learned that a second location for Bobo’s, called Bobo’s in the Barrio will be opening up in the same neighbourhood as La Tarima. I can hardly wait!
Topaz inside Isla 33

With all of these amazing restaurants happening on the island, we just might give up cooking entirely. But then we would have to go get jobs to support our restaurant habits. It’s a dilemma.

Cheers from paradise

Lynda & Lawrie


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