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Mexico – the people come together to overcome recent disasters

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We normally write happy stories for this blog, preferring to talk about the good side of living in Mexico. However, with second massive earthquake devastating several cities it didn’t seem appropriate to post a cheerful article about sun, sand and cerveza.

The epicenter of the first earthquake was in the Gulf of Tehuanatepec on the western side of Mexico. It began close to midnight on Thursday September 7th. Registering at 8.1 on the Richter scale it is thought to be the strongest el temblor in the last hundred years and the second strongest quake in Mexico’s history.

It triggered a tsunami, and caused widespread damage in the coastal states of Oaxaca and Chiapas. 

Mango Cafe Help Center – Trish Gump photo

Originally from Oaxaca the owners of the popular Mango Café on Isla Mujeres, Polo Avila and his wife Vicky Alonso Raymundo, set off last Friday with a truck load of blankets and medical supplies for family and friends.

Another islander, Dr. Xhanet Mora was on her way to provide medical assistance for the victims when a second one struck. 

We haven’t heard, but are hoping she has arrived safely.

Yazmin Aguirre and Sean Petty were visiting her family in Mexico City on September 7th and felt the effects.

They were still in Mexico City when the September 19th quake centred one hundred and twenty kilometers away collapsed dozens of buildings and destroyed the municipal infrastructure. Yazmin and Sean have contacted family and friends via social media to say they were safe.

Fifteen people died when the nearby Popocatépetl volcano erupted following the earthquake. Government officials have said at least twenty-one children and several adults were buried at an elementary school in the city, after it partially collapsed. Five hundred soldiers and Navy marines are among those searching for children and employees still missing.

Ruben Chavez Martinez, the owner of Ruben’s Restaurante here on Isla Mujeres, flew home with suitcases loaded with medical supplies. 

Ruben has always had a generous heart, donating food to the orphanage and raising money for Isla’s disadvantaged children.

TV Isla Mujeres – Civil Protection volunteers 

And a recent post from my neighbour Ronda Winn Roberts on Facebook: “A BIG thanks to Irma, Roselin, Monica, Ofelia, Josue, and Armin!! They left yesterday to spend a week helping the Mexico City earthquake victims.

They’re trained personnel from our Civil Protection department who are joining in the work of rescuing victims who may be trapped in the rubble. Putting their lives on the line for their fellow countrymen: Armín Ariel Tuz Dzul, Josué Amílcar Ravell Barrera, Ofelia Ayala Figueroa, Mónica Florentina Zúñiga Velázquez, Roselín López Velázquez and Irma Graciela Criollo Pérez. Come home safe & thank you!!”

Novedades de Quintana Roo Cancun rescue dogs and handlers 

There a hundreds of personal stories that over time will come to light. Stories of heroic bravery, strength, sharing, and perseverance. 

The police, army, navy, civil defense, medical professionals, and every able-bodied person are working to find survivors. 

Our thoughts are with these folks, and we wish them well.

CNN photo of September 7th quake

If you can in any small way help out, through islanders like Polo, Ruben, Dr. Mora, or through a charity that you personally trust even small donations are greatly appreciated. 

There are collection locations set up at the Ultramar passenger ferries, at the Chedraui grocery store, and at Ixchel Tat Oos in Centro. 

CRIM Centro de Rehabilitación Integral Municipal on Isla Mujeres is collecting medical and hygiene products, clean clothes, towels, sheets, and blankets.

This is a beautiful country filled with kind, caring people who are doing whatever they can to help out.

Lynda & Lawrie

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