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Isla Mujeres truly is a global village

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This last week as three hurricanes and one earthquake were causing havoc in our part of the world we realized that this little island really is an international village. 

We had inquiries from friends in Canada, USA, Scotland, Ireland, France, Norway, Sweden, Australia, and Mexico asking if we were okay.

Big waves from Hurricane Irma in Florida
“Yes,” we replied, “we’ll be fine. The hurricanes were a hundred or more miles east of us, and the earthquake was on the other side of Mexico.”

As fortunate as we were, it was devastating for the folks who were directly in the path of nature’s fury.

We, in turn, contacted our various friends who live in Texas, Florida, and the western side of Mexico, checking to see if everything was okay with them. With the exception of Graeme in Texas, who has been a friend of the Lock family since the 1960’s, they are all people we have met since we moved to Isla Mujeres in 2008. They are an eclectic mix of full-time residents, part-time residents, frequent visitors, or first-time vacationers.

Pierogi in his storm poncho
We smiled to hear that Charles and Mary Simpson were visiting mutual acquaintances in Oregon. They had recently moved to the Tampa Florida area to be closer to the family but were well away from the hurricane when it landed. 

We giggled at the photos Alexis and Darren posted on Facebook of Pierogi in his storm poncho. Pierogi is a lovable island rescue-mutt that relocated to Florida about a year ago with his new family. An accident amputated one foot when Pierogi was a baby, but he can still run like the wind on the remaining stump and his three good feet. Sparky still misses his tall, playful friend.

We also contacted one of our favourite authors A.E. (Allie) Howe and Melanie Howe in Tallahassee Florida. 

He writes the Larry Macklin Mystery Series and his wife, Melanie, does the editing. 

Between them, they produce humorous, fast-paced mysteries that we devour within hours of purchasing. 

There are eight books in the series, and four more planned, with a new one June’s Trouble scheduled to be released soon. 

I can hardly wait!
Moored boat sunk by higher than normal tides
I mentioned in my email to Allie and Melanie that I was currently working on Book #3 of my Isla Mujeres Mystery Series. It takes place in September and it includes a hurricane. 

They thought that was pretty funny because according to Howe the last book in his series is called September’s Fury, and it includes a hurricane. Perhaps between the two of us writing about monster storms we tempted the Caribe god of evil, Hurican, just a little too much.

Beach closed due to large waves the day before
On the island, the most surprising thing about Hurricane Irma was the amount of water that was pushed our way, past the outer islands, Haiti, the Dominican Republic, and Cuba to create huge waves that battered the eastern shoreline and flooded the bays. We didn’t get the wind, just big breakers that were high enough for several surfing enthusiasts to enjoy. The waves have eroded the friable sand and coral cliffs in some areas and littered the beaches with debris and seaweed, but overall they were dramatically beautiful, not deadly.

15-foot tall monster waiting for the perfect wave

We have one personal bit of good news / bad news resulting from the storm. The huge, derelict navigational buoy that has been laying on the beach in front of our house since October 7th, 2014, broke loose and floated free. It rolled and crashed back and forth in the surf for two days, causing a fair bit of worry about where it land. Inside our casa? Or in our neighbours’ casa?

The good news is; we don’t have to stare at its rusting carcass. The bad news is; it is directly in front of our neighbours Bruce and Ronda’s house and more of a hazard now that it doesn’t have a rocky outcropping to prevent it from rolling up the beach. Before the storm, our Ronda was attempting to obtain permission to have it cut up and dismantled. Her Spanish is a hundred times better than mine so she’s talking to the authorities. The buoy is federal property, and it’s a very complicated situation.
Playa Centro – high water tide line and junk

Other than that, everything is back to normal on the island. Bright sunny skies, hot humid days, and a light breeze.

It’s a perfect day to enjoy a cold beverage and toast our friends scattered around the world. Thank you for checking on us. And in turn, we are happy those who were involved in the recent ordeals are safe.

Cheers from paradise,

Lynda & Lawrie
And the rest of the zoo; Sparky, Max, and E.B. the Cat.


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