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What did I give up to live in Paradise?

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Lawrie and Sparky, watching a Seahawks game.  
Well, certainly not NFL football! 

We were pleasantly surprised after moving to Isla to discover a large number of NFL supporters and some very avid supporters at that. 

On the island, there are several personal golf carts decorated with team colours, decals and flags. Many ex-pats proudly wear their team shirts and hang banners from their homes.

By far the largest number of fans support the Green Bay Packers. Being surrounded by a hundred or so Packers’ addicts can be a bit overwhelming for the half-dozen or so Seahawks fans, especially if our team is ahead in the scoring. 

Green Bay fans
Probably the most ardent fans are the folks whose brown and white house is named Casa Bahia Verde after their favourites the Green Bay Packers. Their golf cart is also upholstered in the green and yellow team colours. Go Packers!

The second biggest fan base seems to be for the Steelers. There are at least three golf carts on the island sporting Steelers’ logos. They are a very vocal and fun group in the sports bars.

And speaking of sports bars, Isla has three popular spots that you can count on to have their many televisions tuned to the NFL games.  

Gathering at a private bar Steelers fans – Carlos’s FB page
Barlito’s @ Marina Paraiso has a cool palapa bar on the waterfront with lots of televisions to watch your favourite team. 

If you aren’t familiar with their location they are south on Medina Rueda, before the cement plant, and before the school. It’s a great spot hang out and cheer on your team.

Jax Bar & Grill at Super Bowl time – J Walker photo
Jax Bar & Grill, the big bar on the corner of Rueda Medina across from the Privileges Aluxes has most football and baseball games available to patrons. 

Frequently the downstairs televisions will be tuned to one game, and the upstairs to another. Depending on the preferences of the crowd.  

Sign from Nash’s Sports Bar – FB page
And last but not least Nash’s Sports Bar on Hidalgo Avenue is a fun place to watch the games and drink really cold beer. It’s a smaller venue, located on busy Hidalgo Avenue with lots of interaction between the street and the bar.

We are Seahawks fans, but we don’t own a television, so we have to go out to the bar to enjoy the games. Oh, darn. That means we will probably have to partake of a drink or two, and if the Hawks win a taxi will be needed to take us home.

By us, I mean Sparky and me, although he is a non-drinker he can’t drive the golf cart because his paws won’t reach the gas pedal. Lynda and our new pooch, Max, are not football fans. They like to stay home and enjoy a quiet evening.

Dave just might be a Steelers’ fan

There are probably other locations where the NFL games are available, but sometimes the programming is at the whim of the staff. You might find boxing or soccer (known as football in most other countries of the world) instead of NFL games. Just ask, if the bar has the channel they might be able to switch to your game.

So, don’t worry about giving up football when you come to Isla. 

Find your favourite spot, kick back, and enjoy the game while relaxing in paradise.

Lawrie and Sparky

(It’s the guys turn to write!)

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