Isla Mujeres Mystery ~ Lynda L. Lock

There’s Trouble in paradise … big trouble!

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New Year’s Eve is a magical time on Isla Mujeres, especially this year after the stormy events of the past few months. After their chaotic hunt for the pirate treasure, and a close encounter with a serial killer Kirk Patterson, Yasmin and Jessica deserve a lady’s night out.
Hung over from a night on the town, it is late in the afternoon before Yasmin starts to worry that her boyfriend Carlos hasn’t been seen all day. And then the texts start coming:

“Give me what I want!”
I’m just darn excited, or as my great-niece, Ellen, says – I’m pumped! 
My second novel, book #2 in the Isla Mujeres Mystery series, Trouble Isla, is available on Amazon e-books as of today. It’s the sequel to book #1, Treasure Isla
Both adventures are set on Isla and feature a group of close friends and an island rescue-mutt, who just happens to closely resemble our little divo Sparky. He’s is a scene-stealer once again.
Then, while I am basking in the after-glow of finalizing book #2, Lawrie grins at me and says, “Now you can finish editing your historical novel, Named by the Enemy
Then start on book #3 of the Isla series, oh and finish the sequel to The Adventures of Thomas the Cat, and start the children’s book about turtles that you and Julie Goth are collaborating on.

Bally Hoo (Lima wharf) featured in Trouble Isla
Ah, the challenges of being a self-published author. 
It sounds so easy, write a little book, and publish on Amazon e-books then wait for the piles of dinero to roll in. Sounds good, right?  Em, not exactly. 
There are apparently over 35 million titles available online and thousands more being added daily. It’s an extremely competitive industry. Sitting back and waiting to be become rich just doesn’t cut it, unless you happen to be as popular as John Grisham or Patricia Cornwell.
Lawrie and I at Javi’s Cantina, featured in Trouble Isla
So, after coming up with an idea for a book, then writing the story a self-published author also has to be the marketing director, the publicist, cover designer, book designer, editor, and webmaster. Or you can pay people to do these jobs for you before you have sold even one copy of your absolutely-guaranteed-to-be-famous best-sellerSince I am operating on a shoestring budget I get to be the chief-cook and bottle-washer for the Island Tales (or should it be Island Tails?) Publishing Company. 

In my case proofreading is not my strong point. Family members and close friends are repeatedly pressed into service reading and re-reading the manuscript, looking for errors. Thank you again to Linda Grierson, Richard Grierson, Rob Goth and Julie Goth for your assistance. And a very special thank you to Julie’s mom, Shirley Andrews who corrected my haphazard punctuation yet again. 
Abandoned condo project featured in Trouble Isla
Then, if the self-published author decides to print that soon-to-be-famous-novel a different set of skills will need to be mastered. Design the book. Find a printer at a price you can afford. Proof the sample. Guestimate how many you might realistically sell. Take the leap of faith and place the order. Get the books shipped directly to your spare bedroom, or shipped in small increments to an organization like Amazon, which by the way will charge for selling, storing, shipping. Amazon will also double your storage fees after six months, and ultimately will kick your unsold books out at twelve months. If you aren’t a superstar, out you go!   
Abandoned hotel featured in Trouble Isla photo 2013
The upside of being a self-published writer is that you get to control every aspect of your work. You are the boss. 
And for the times you are stuck, really stuck for a solution there are writers’ groups comprised of generous people who are helpful to newbie authors like me, offering insights and advice on a wide range of problems.
Fortunately, Lawrie and I have a bit of experience in managing small businesses and the same basic principles apply; the end goal being to make more money than you spend. Soon, one day, maybe. But in the meantime, it’s an enjoyable adventure learning fresh skills and meeting different people. 
I hope you enjoy my newest novel Trouble Isla. Sparky and I had a lot of fun writing it. Book #3 Tormenta Isla will have something to do with a hurricane and you will meet our two newest additions to the family zoo, Max and EB the cat.  
Sparky and Max using Lawrie as protection from E.B.
Max is another island rescue dog that looks like he could be Sparky’s third-cousin-once-removed, but he is totally different in personality. Except for Lawrie Max is still shy around men. He is eager to please, loves his food, and likes to sleep, a lot.
EB is a four-pound black cat that adopted us a month ago. She then went on a campaign, terrorizing Sparky and Max by sharpening her claws on their tender noses, and sleeping in their beds. The dogs named her EB, short for Evil Bi**h.  
After two weeks of feline intimidation, we begged the local vet, Dr. Delfino, to let us increase the population of his pet sanctuary by one small cat. He reluctantly agreed. He already has dozens of homeless black cats. We happily waved goodbye to EB while Sparky and Max did a happy dance around the cat carrier. 
The E.B. sleeping in Sparky’s bed
Five days later she engineered her escape and was back in our courtyard, yowling for attention.
Sparky is depressed; The EB is back! 
Max is scared peeless to be within ten feet of her, but she’ll provide a bit of comic relief for book #3 of the Isla Mujeres Mystery Series.
Cheers from paradise
Lynda & Lawrie
Isla Mujeres Mystery Series 

Available now! $2.99 each, on Amazon e-books
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