Isla Mujeres Mystery ~ Lynda L. Lock

“Long live Art, Love and Freedom!” Muralist, Barbara Siebenlist

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Mural across from Casa Sirena Hotel 
Barbara describes herself as a nomad, a self-taught painter, a tattoo artist and muralist. 

Her creations on Isla Mujeres are all vastly different and stunningly beautiful pieces of art, many containing a message from the artist to the viewer.

Photo provided by Barbara Siebenlist 

One painting is splashed across the white, curved building that overlooks the malécon, across the street from Casa Sirena Hotel. It is an eye-catching collage of underwater creatures, land inhabitants and two dark-skinned beauties. To my eye the partially submerged goddess on the right represents mother earth, with fish swimming around her shoulders and lizards adorning her hair. 

New mural on Poc Na Hostel – L. Lock photo
Another mural with a diving theme flows along the street-side wall of Poc Na Hostel. 

Fish, jellyfish and sharks float past the divers. The ocean inhabitants swim among discarded plastic bottles, aluminum beer cans and plastic bags. 
Poc Na mural – Photo from Barbara Siebenlist

In the centre of one diver’s regulator is the green-arrowed symbol for recycling. Clever!

Two other murals decorate the inside refuge for stray kittens and the main entrance at Clinica Veterinaria, locally known as Delfino’s.  Grinning cats, big eared pups, and wide-eyed kittens play amongst colourful wildflowers and butterflies. Their expressions seem to say, “Please give me a home and love me forever.”

Clinica Veterinaria – L. Lock photo

Born in the city of Viale, Entre Rios, Argentina, Barbara’s passion for art began as a young child, it was her form of refuge, her secret obsession. 

After finishing her high school education, Barbara went on to study medicine. 

With little time for anything but studying and classes, Barbara let her artistic talents lie dormant for a number of years. 

In 2008, around the time that she first discovered Isla Mujeres, she created her first island mural for the Poc Na Hostel.

Clinica Veterinaria – L. Lock photo

For Barbara capturing images on murals allows her to convey her message to the public. Her creations are not locked inside museums or art galleries for a few people to enjoy. They are outside, available to all who pass by. Her paintings help her to continue traveling, discovering new stories, and ideas for future murals.

In a month she will be leaving Isla again, going on a trip.  But as she says, “I never go, I always come back.”

We’ll be waiting to see what’s next from Barbara Siebenlist and her dazzling creations.

Hasta Luego  
Lynda & Lawrie 

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Treasure Isla is a humorous Caribbean adventure set on Isla Mujeres, a tiny island off the eastern coast of Mexico. Two twenty-something women find themselves in possession of a seemingly authentic treasure map, which leads them on a chaotic search for buried treasure while navigating the dangers of too much tequila, disreputable men, and a killer. And there is a dog, a lovable rescue-mutt.

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