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Meanwhile back on Isla Mujeres Mexico ….

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Dinner with family at Rolandi’s Isla Mujeres March 2017

We’ve been away from our little beach house on Isla Mujeres a lot lately.  

First we spent three weeks wine-touring in Argentina, returning mid-March, and then we were off again for a week to John and Maia’s wedding in British Columbia Canada.

Sparky – laying on my lap when we returned home 
Sparky our almost-famous, rescue dog is still miffed at us for disappearing not one once, but twice this year. He had two fabulous sets of babysitters while we were traveling, but now that we are back he’s demanding a lot of attention.   

In mid-February to early March the weather in Argentina was warm much like Mexico as they were still in late summer going into early autumn.  

British Columbia Canada on the other hand, in late March going into early April, was cold damp, and chilly as the temperature struggled to rise above ten degrees Celsius (about fifty on the Fahrenheit scale.)  We’re just not accustomed to the low temperatures anymore! 

Sunset in March on Isla Mujeres
While island friends tortured us with Facebook photos of beautiful, sunny weather we bitched and complained about being cold. 

Our discomfort was partly our own fault for not purchasing the necessary items to bundle up and stay warm. 

Lawrie wore sandals the entire time, except for the formal part of the wedding ceremony. 

He was unable to convince his feet that they should be stuffed into stiff, unyielding shoes. I kicked off my shoes at the wedding once the dinner was served.  What a pair of beach-bums we have become.

Lawrie the MC at John and Maia’s wedding – in sandals

With only two days of sunshine in amongst the fog, rain and drizzle, John and Maia got lucky for their special day. Sunshine!  

And a week later the day before we left was also sunny and slightly warmer.  

Everywhere we went people were hidden under cozy jackets, scarves, and hats. One restaurant provided fake-fur wraps to patrons who wanted to have lunch outside on their patio. 

Fake-fur wraps for outside patio
At the end of the day photographers gathered along the ocean shoreline, snapping pictures of the spectacular sunset similar to the eye-popping colours of an Isla Mujeres sundown. 

However, we have never seen Isla’s well-known photographer, Tony Garcia, bundled in quilted jackets, insulated pants, and waterproof boots!

Tony Garcia – Frank Papak photo

Meanwhile back on Isla Mujeres the temperatures were flirting with the lower thirties Celsius (mid to high eighties Fahrenheit).  Hot, sunny, and breezy! 

Now we know what it feels like when we torture our northern friends with pictures of people wearing shorts and bathing suits in February. 

Doesn’t mean we will stop tormenting you, it just means we can empathize a tiny little bit…maybe, until we forget what it was like.

And as a last ‘gotcha’ our Air Canada flight from Vancouver to Cancun did not have heat inside the aircraft. 

Cold! Oh, my goodness at the end of the five and a half hours we were darn near frozen solid. When the doors opened on the aircraft we were truly happy to be back in the land of warmth and sunshine.

Lawrie – happy to be back in the land of sunshine

Despite the chilly weather we wouldn’t have missed John and Maia’s wedding for anything.  

It was a beautiful ceremony connecting two extraordinarily happy people and their blended families.   

John & Maia Lock – We wish you endless happiness.

Hasta Luego
Lynda & Lawrie

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  1. We luv isla and want to live there renting.we r retired on a low budget.can this be done?


  2. Perhaps. Depending on where you want to rent, and how much your budget is. It is probably best to spend a few months to try it out before moving here. Isla can be more expensive than other small communities because it is a busy tourist area. Cheers Lynda


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