Isla Mujeres Mystery ~ Lynda L. Lock

Carnaval 2009 to 2016 on Isla Mujeres

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We are celebrating Carnaval 2017 in Argentina …. here are a few of our pictures from previous Isla Mujeres celebrations for your entertainment. 



2010 – I want to be a Carnaval Queen

2010 Carnaval Queen and King




2012 Handing a beer to thirsty dancers


2013 Beep, beep, beep around the island

2013 Always room for one more dancer


2014 at Abasolo & Juarez Avenues

2014 Lawrie celebrating his birthday 

2015 Kindergarten dancers

2015 Sunday morning street dancing 


2016 Costume changes

2016 Grandmothers and Great-grandmothers group

Lynda enjoying the parade 

                           See you next week. Cheers Lynda & Lawrie


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