Isla Mujeres Mystery ~ Lynda L. Lock
Punta Sur, Isla Mujeres
It’s a perfect place for romance – Isla Mujeres.

Sunshine, white sand beaches, palm trees and dozens of locations where you can tie the knot, get hitched, walk down the aisle, go to the chapel, drop the anchor, or get spliced (two ropes woven into one). You could also celebrate your mutual weirdness, or blend your families.

Marry me?
First there are numerous options for the proposal, ranging in price from expensive with the fine champagne, an enormous diamond and dinner at a classy restaurant. Or a spur of the moment sign on the beach using pieces of coral and shells, asking his lady love to marry him. She said, yes! 

The Bachelorette!
Then there are the bachelorette parties frequently featuring the bride, maid-of-honour and bridesmaids wearing matching t-shirts. Hilariously happy, the women ricochet around the island flitting in and out of bars, nightclubs and restaurants, creating their own party wherever they go. Typically the bachelorette bashes are the advance party, celebrating the last few days of singledom for the bride. Occasionally the women celebrate for a week in paradise before returning to their northern homes for a large formal wedding.

Mariana & Chris, beach wedding
Guests arriving for destination weddings are recognizable by the amount of luggage and the fancy clothes draped on over-burdened arms. They disembark the passenger ferries in chatty gaggles of parents, in-laws, assorted relatives and close friends. The groups disembark the passenger boats heading to the host hotel, or perhaps an assortment of private homes rented for the occasion. Once the throng has settled into their accommodations they start the social whirl of gatherings, getting to know one another before the big day. By the time the event takes place everyone is relaxed and sociable, having finally settled into the slower pace of island-time.

Zama’s Beach Club decorated for Carly & Simon’s day
For venue choices there is everything from the large all-inclusive beach resorts, beach clubs, beach restaurants, or simply on the beach. You can arrange for your guests to arrive by boat, taxi, golf cart or whatever transportation method you can dream up. A few times we have seen a colonial-style, horse-drawn carriage transport the bride and groom from the church to the reception. 

Bodas Colectivas 2012

And for the economy-minded the municipality of Isla Mujeres traditionally sponsors Bodas Colectivas, collective weddings, group weddings around St. Valentine’s Day for residents who wish to be married in a civil ceremony.  A decorated bus drives the prospective brides and grooms to the chosen location, and everyone recites their vows together. It’s an affordable and festive event reserved for Mexican citizens.

Goddess IxChel at Punta Sur
And for the younger just-marrieds, a stop at Punta Sur a small gift for the Goddess IxChel is rumored to quickly produce off-spring. A couple of years ago, a thirty-something American woman told us her four children forbade her to even look at IxChel. Every time the woman visited the goddess, she became pregnant. The kids said, “Enough already!”

Golf cart decorated for wedding
We have attended an assortment of island weddings, everything from a handful of people to hundreds of guests joyfully celebrating the happiness of the new couple.  Isla Mujeres, is a romantic destination for the proposal, the wedding and of course the annual celebration of your unforgettable experience in paradise.

Lynda & Lawrie


By Isla Breeze on January 5, 2017
What a fun story about Isla Mujeres, Mexico, the island most people who have visited…love!

The story is intriguing, bringing bits of history into the fiction. The story also highlights many of the well-known individuals that live on Isla…if you know them…it makes you feel as if you are a part of the story. The intrigue and the hint of a love tryst lets the reader know that there will be more in the future.
Sparky enters the picture and the dog’s adoption reminds us that there are animals on Isla Mujeres available to adopt. Sparky becomes the wonder dog who learns so quickly. This is a fun and fast read for anyone, whether you are familiar with the island or not. It is hard to put down.

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