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Hey, when are ya coming back? We’re ready for you.

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Visions of Margaritas dance in your heads ……
The annual winter migration begins soon, and Isla is ready for your return. Restaurant owners and merchants have been busy over the less hectic summer months preparing for your return this winter ….you know, that’s the time of year that you leave the rain, ice and snow, and prepare to be pampered under the tropical sun.  It’s that wonderful time of year, when visions of frosty Margaritas dance in your heads. 

Freddy Medina Independence Day at El Arrecife 
Centro has a number of new places to enjoy an evening out with friends.  In the spring everybody’s favourite bartender, Freddy Medina openedEl Arrecife – The Reef. The new bar is a joint-venture between Freddy and his cousin Manuel Figueroa.  It is located in across from the municipal square and above the paradIceCreamshop.  The entrance to the second-floor bar is on Hidalgo Avenue, behind the big tree decorated with toy monkeys.  The Reef serves good fresh food, and all the fun that you can handle with Freddy.  Their street-view bar stools are a great location to relax with a drink, and do some people-watching.

Jax Bar & Grill – the big bar on the corner

‘The big bar on the corner’ Jax Bar & Grill at the northern end of Rueda Medina, recently reopened after their annual staff holidays and restaurant refurbishing in September.  

This year’s big project was to redo the upper deck.  Good thing!  We think our dancing contributed to the old one’s demise.  Jax is one of our favourite places for a hearty breakfast, and tasty fish and chips.

Javi’s Cantina 

Another new eatery is Javi’s Cantina & Tapas Barlocated on Juarez south of Abasolo Avenue.  

Javi’s serves up cold drinks and great food in an intimate environment with live music several nights a week.  Check out their delicious fresh tuna, ceviche, and nachos.  The sliders look amazing as well. 

(We were recently caught on camera, dancing in the street outside Javi’s, by the local paparazzi.)

Amar Cocina Peruana
Over a few streets, across from La Tablita’s and next door to Pleacorp (the pool supply place) is the new Amar Cocina Peruana.  

Owned by Catherine Benson, Amar features Peruvian cuisine and a fabulous selection of ceviches.  The food is very different and very tasty.

In  the same area, on the second floor kitty-corner to La Tablita’s is Facebar, owned and operated by Luz Del Alba Hernandez and her sister.  It’s already of favourite of locals for its cold beer, good prices and a ton of laughs.

Directly below Facebar, is a brand new, only open two days bar and restaurant named BE. That’s all we know at the moment.  We happened to be driving past with a camera in hand and discovered that the day before the windows were still boarded up, and the next day they are ready to go.

Heading south along Rueda Medina is the ever popular Soggy Peso Bed & Cocktail owned by Mal and Sal Richards.  Closed for the month of September for staff holidays and renovations, they will re-open this week.  Bar service is now also available on the lower area, on the beach.  When you fall out of your chair, after two or maybe three of their famous Margaritas, it’s a much softer landing.  (We don’t have any photos, as yet, of the new additions.) 

New and expanded Donosusa
And in the colonias a few blocks south of our house, but before you get to the double ‘highway’ at the Salinas Grande, is Bofitos.  It’s a great neighbourhood location to get simple, yummy food.

Another big change – Donosusathe grocery store near the tennis courts had done a huge remodel. Double in size, new shelving, brighter lights, and a touch of air conditioning.  Good pricing for basic packaged goods, detergents, paper products with a small deli-meat counter, and a cold beer fridge.

There’s probably more, but those are the ones that we’ve noticed.

Counting down the days until everyone is back in paradise.
See ya soon,

Lynda & Lawrie

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