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Musicians of Isla Mujeres – part two

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Jesús Campuzano
Two weeks ago we published a long blog article featuring some of the talented musicians on the island.  

We had so much information it spilled over onto another article this week.  Here in their own words, are a few more of the talented folks on Isla Mujeres.

Jesús Campuzano (affectionately known as Chucho Ruidos) has been performing his magical music on Isla Mujeres since 2005. His music is the heartbeat of the island. Call it electro jazz or island jam, it is a most uncommon music – music you will never forget. You can find him rocking Poc Na on Saturday and Monday nights, the new Amar Restaurant, as well as venues all over the island.  

When asked to describe his music, Chucho says: ‘I am an animal playing my instrument and I have always been a rebel.  I try to play the most uncommon music, things that not even a 5-piece band will do. The only certain thing to say about my style is that is violently genuine.’

Jeff at Barlito’s @ Marina Paraiso 
Jeff Current says: I’m from a musical family of six kids; my siblings are all more talented than I.  When I was younger I had a lot of choir, church, and school choir training.  At about age ten I learned to play the guitar, performing with various bands until I finished high school.  

I played solidly in college with a trio doing soft and country rock, up and down the front range of Colorado for a few years.  I still enjoy performing some of those songs today.  

Isla Animals clinic – Can you teach me to be a brain surgeon?
After college my musical career was mainly light jamming until we discovered Isla in 1993, and eventually moved to the island in 1999. 
I got to know a lot of the talented Isla musicians when we owned the Sunset Grill on north beach from 2000 to 2005.  I have great memories of Javi Martinez, Miguel Hernandez, and Willie Chacon, and occasionally jammed with them just for fun.  

When our dear friend from Isla Mujeres, Ron Brown, learned to play the mandolin he and I performed as the “Soggy Bottom Boys.’  We played together until his passing in 2009.  Twas a hoot, I miss him dearly.

These days I strum and sing to music backtracks, during the tourist season, at a few of the local bars on the island.  The money we raise money goes to our non-profit charity, Isla Animals.  The evenings are a real blast, and we all have a bit of fun for a good cause.  

(What Jeff, otherwise known as Jeef, didn’t say is – he has a wicked and occasionally bent sense of humour that slips out during his live performances.  His events are always good for a chuckle.)

And there are more:
Gregorio Sanchez

Due to challenges with communicating in Spanglish, we are still missing information on a few more of the islands talented folks. 

We can always add information at a later date.  The wonders of electronic publications!

Gregorio Sanchez sings at Barlito’s on Saturday evenings, and performs on Hidalgo Avenue other nights.  

He is a well-known islander, famous for beautiful voice and his dog song.  Our dog Sparky was fascinated by Gregorio’s song.

Where to find our island musicians:

Here’s a few of the places that you will find live music, mainly on weekends but other days as well during the winter months.
Adelitas Tequileria – Hidalgo Avenue, centro
Almar Restaurant – Guerreo Avenue, centro
Barlito’s @ Marina Paraiso – Rueda Medina
Caribbean Brisas – Payo Obispo (near Mango Café)
Chichi’s ‘n Charlie’s Beach Bar – the north end of Rueda Medina
El Patio House of Music – Hidalgo Avenue, centro
Faynes – Hidalgo Avenue, centro
Fenix House of Music – Calle Zazil-ha, next to NaBalam Hotel
Javi’s Cantina – on Juarez, centro
The Joint Reggae Bar – Rueda Medina near Punta Sur
Mamacita’s – Hidalgo Avenue, centro
Miguel’s Moonlight – in centro
Nash’s Tapas Bar – Hidalgo Avenue, centro
Parque de Los Suenos – Rueda Medina near Punta Sur
Sardinian Smiles – Hidalgo Avenue, centro
Soggy Peso – Friday nights in high season
Zama Beach Club – Carreterra a Sac Bajo, west-side of the island

Sol Rockers at El Patio House of Music – FB photo

Whatever your choice in music, there is probably someone, somewhere on the island singing that tune. 
Hasta Pronto!

Lynda & Lawrie
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