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A wacky week of fun – something for everyone

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Just hanging out with family and friends
It’s February in paradise, the high season for tourism, and there is fun for everyone.  

You can buy beautiful crafts, listen to Nashville performers, go deep sea fishing, hang out with friends, or have a visit with a free-roaming crocodile. 

On Monday night the Mexican Artesian Pavilion was officially opened by local dignitaries.  This national exhibition is here on Isla until February 21st.  

Beautiful crafts from all of Mexico – City FB page photo
The big white tent in centro houses an assortment of beautifully handmade items from several different Mexican states, featuring a tasteful assortment pottery, hats, jewelry and clothing.  

It’s a fun place to do a little shopping in the afternoon, especially earlier in the week when unexpected downpour put a one hour hold on many of the other activities, such as the Island Time Music Fest.

Hidalgo Avenue – after 20 minute down-pour
Now in their 7th year the Island Time Music Fest – and Island Time Fishing Tournament started rocking the island with music and Nashville singers on Monday February 15th.  

Originally a smaller, two-venue event it has grown to include a variety of restaurants and bars scattered around the island.  And for the diehards, there is still the exciting fishing component of the event – sailfish, marlin, wahoo, Dorado, and yummy tuna.  

All proceeds from the week-long extravaganza go to funding the Little Yellow School House on Isla Mujeres.

Island Time Music Fest – FB page photo

For us we have had a more personal, but very fun time with family members, first-time-to-Mexico cousins, and an assortment of Canadian friends.  

We ate, drank, napped, ate, drank and napped our way through two laughter-filled weeks.  

If the fun doesn’t end soon, we will have to buy our clothes at Jones Tents & Awnings. 

Richard, Scott & Judy (cousins) Lynda, Linda, Lawrie
The margaritas at the Soggy Peso are now on the “that’s-never-gonna-cross-my-lips-again”list for a number of our friends.  Something to do with memory loss, I think.

As for the visit with the free-roaming crocodile, Lawrie’s cousin Scott and I were driving back from taking the two pooches out for their morning swim, and I spotted a local woman standing beside the pond near the new hospital.  

“Ah ha, I bet she is taking a picture of the croc.”  

Smile – say Tequila!
I did a u-turn and we parked alongside the pond.  Yep!  There was the crocodile stretched out and sunning on a mat of vegetation.  

The crocodile didn’t seem at all concerned at the attention, just continued to sun itself, although I think it was keeping a hopeful eye on the two dogs.  Perhaps it was hoping a little morning snack would just happen to come its way.

Just another fun week in paradise!

Hasta Luego
Lawrie & Lynda

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