Isla Mujeres Mystery ~ Lynda L. Lock
Playa Norte early in the morning
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It’s supposed to be beach: Beach of the Day!
For those of you enjoying your minus whatever temperatures in other parts of the world, here’s a quick tour of our world of sun, sand, and fun.  

On our little 7 km long island in the Caribbean we are fortunate to have a variety of wonderful beaches to choose from, depending on the day of the week, or your mood.  

So pull on your bathing suit, sandals, and sunglasses.  Add a t-shirt or tropical wrap and let’s get started:

Fenix Lounge on Sunday Funday – FB photo
On Sunday mid-afternoon the crowd starts to gather at Fenix Lounge to enjoy live salsa music with La Barby and the guys.  

Located on the north-eastern side of the island near Na Balaam Hotel and the renovated Mia Hotel you can dance your sox off to the Cuban beats.

Monday – a good day to just chill on the beach
Monday, you’re probably moving a little slower after Sunday Funday and it’s time relax.

Rent a beach lounger, tuck under a palm tree and nap the morning away on Playa Norte with turquoise water gently lapping against soft white sand.  A number of restaurants and beach bars will be happy to deliver food and more drinks to your sun lounger.  

Designated as a world-class Blue Flag Beach Playa Norte is one of the best in all of Mexico.

Sunset on Playa Centro – Playa Posada
Tuesday just slide around the corner of Plays Norte, on the western side and enjoy Playa Centro, another Blue Flag designated beach.  

More sand, turquoise water, food and drinks!  It’s a great place to hang out and people-watch.  

Life is tough.

Killer Margarita at Soggy Peso – B. Schoenne photo
Wednesday, it’s time to get a bit more active and hit the Soggy Peso Bar & Grill on Rueda Medina, about a third of the way along on the western side of the island.  A small private beach, with three or four loungers, is located on the ocean-side below the main part of the bar.  

It’s a relaxing place to chill for an hour or two while you enjoy one of their killer-Margaritas.  If you intend to walk out of the Soggy Peso without falling in their large swimming pool – limit yourself to a maximum of three Margaritas.  “Don’t Step on the Blue.”  You’ve been warned!

Playa Tiberon – unassuming entrance, great place to chill
Thursday is a good day to explore the various beach clubs along Sac Bajo: Playa Tiberon, Zamas, or the Ice Bar at Playa Mexico where you can freeze your tushy off in below freezing temperatures while enjoying a beverage.  

These are private beach clubs where you pay a small entry fee or consume a certain amount of drinks and food to use the beach and facilities.  Oh darn, eating and drinking, at the beach, again. 

Friday it is on to Playa Lancheros, near the Royal Palace all-inclusive hotel at the round-about where you turn north towards Sac Bajo, or south towards Punta Sur.  Playa Lancheros is famous for their traditional Mayan Tikinxik grilled-fish lunch, cold beer and a nice beach.  

Little further south at Capitán Dulché Restaurante and Museum is a huge restaurant and funky bar.  The owner of the property loves old marine artifacts.  He purchased a battered 1930’s sailboat that, many years ago, had been sailed single-handedly from South Africa.  He has had it restored and it is the centre piece for the bar.

Garrafon de Castilla – Isla Mujeres Info photo
Saturday, Garrafon de Castilla great place for simple, old-time fun with easy beach food, and super snorkeling.  It costs much less than the bigger all-inclusive park next-door, Garrafon Natural Reef Park. 

Garrafon de Castilla is a great place to re-charge your batteries, because you know, the next day is Sunday!  And you can start all over again!

Just another week in paradise.
Lawrie & Lynda

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