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What do Nashville entertainers and migrating sailfish have in common?

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The 7thannual Island Time Music and Fishing Fest.  This fun event features world-class catch and release sail fishing and top notch entertainment from Nashville Tennessee.  It all happens here in paradise.
Almost seven years ago, the Island Time Fishing Tournament and Country Music Concert, held its first event featuring an intimate evening with Nashville artist Phil Vassar who happens to have a personal connection with Isla Mujeres.  He was joined by entertainers and songwriters Tim Nichols, Tim Johnson, James Dean Hicks, Jon Stone and Nick Norman.  Recently renamed the Island Time Music and Fishing Fest, it has now burgeoned into a large music festival, with the added attraction of great fishing. 

Margarita Madness at the Soggy Peso 
In past years we have enjoyed the tequila-fueled entertainment of Jon Stone, Nick Norman and Lewis Brice during the wild Margarita Madness at the Soggy Peso Bar & Grill. This outrageously fun event has been relocated to a larger venue featuring six artists including the original three very popular guys.  Jax Bar & Grill was the original host restaurant for a number of years offering intimate concerts with the performers, and auctions of crazy items such as Reba McIntyre’s teeny-tiny autographed jeans. 
The bigger festival has necessitated a move to larger venues and also a change in ticket prices.  Because this is a charity event with the proceeds earmarked to help the local school for developmentally challenged children, the organizers are trying to keep the costs to a bare minimum.  The Little Yellow School House on Isla Mujeres began with one room, six students and a really big dream. The school now has six classrooms, full-time teachers and over 50 students, with fifteen more on a waiting list.

For the Music Fest the list of entertainers includes Kellie Pickler, Jerrod Niemann, Blackjack Billy, Love & Theft, Kyle Jacobs, American Young, Nick Norman, Natalie Stovall, Lewis Brice, Joal Rush, Hailey Steele, Rob Hatch, and islander Ryan Rickman.   Although the artists are generously donating their time, the non-profit society is responsible for covering expenses for travel, accommodation and meals.  Venue tickets per person for the 2016 events range from $199 for All Access Except the Opening Show to $249 for All Access Including the Opening Show at Casa Fenix.  (Food and beverages not included.)
Here’s the link for tickets:!events/c8k2
If you want to have a great time listening to current country hits, up close and personal with some of Nashville’s best talent – head to Isla. 

Sunrise – day one, boat captains getting ready to head out
Or maybe you actually want to go fishing; getting up before the crack of dawn to head out on the bumpy ocean and put squiggly wet things on sharp hooks to catch really big and hard fighting fish.  (You can probably guess, I won’t be doing that!)  In between the entertainment and the many cold beers, tournament competitors usually find time to go fishin’.  Trophies and bragging rights are awarded to the boats, anglers, and junior anglers with the most releases.
Whatever your choice, it’s a fun way to enjoy a week in paradise and to give something back to the community.  
We’ll be waiting for you!

Lynda & Lawrie

John & Betty Raimondo – a big thank you!


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