Isla Mujeres Mystery ~ Lynda L. Lock
Waiting to get on the big boat

“Whew, what is that smell?” my human said, as she waved her hand in front of her face, and rapidly lowering the car window.  She turned to look accusingly at me. “Sparky, was that you?”
I confess.  It was me.  I accidentally let out a little gas.  We are going someplace called Cancun.   It’s my first time leaving Isla Mujeres, and Thomas (he’s my much older feline roommate) said that when dogs go to Cancun, they don’t come back – ever!  That’s why I’m so scared, and why I farted.  Thomas knows a lot more about traveling than I do.  He has lived in two countries, and he has been on airplanes several times, so I believe him. 

That big red and white thing is the boat 

My two humans – I call one Driver, and the other one Servant– and I are waiting at the car ferry terminal on Isla for a big boat to take us to Cancun.  I have seen this boat leaving and arriving many times when we are out and about on the island, but I have never been on it.  Big Adventure Day for me!

Eventually the boat arrives, and all the trucks and cars are jammed on board.  There are so many vehicles we can’t open the doors on the car, and I can’t explore the boat.  What seems like a really long time, only forty-five minutes in human time, we arrived in Punta Sam and drive towards Cancun. 

I’m a bit scared – and have a nervous tummy

My goodness, I have never seen so many cars, trucks, motorcycles, people, cats and dogs in one place.  Big buses whiz past, really close to our little Mini Cooper car.  Vehicles change lanes, buzzing in and around each other.  A few horns honk.   The noise and smells are overwhelming for my sensitive ears and nose.  I started trembling, but Servant turned around and gave me a reassuring pat.  “It’s okay, Sparky, nothing to be afraid of,” she said. 
A few minutes later, we stopped on Kabah Avenue in front of a building that said Centro de Especialidades Veterinarias.  

Oh, oh.  That can’t be good.  Thomas also warned me about going to the veterinary, or as he calls them, Cat-Doctors.  He said they do terrible things to animals.  I wish Thomas hadn’t told me all these bad stories.  I accidentally farted again as we went into the building. 
This big cat lives at the Cat- Doctors’ place

Inside there was a huge fluffy cat that looked a bit like Thomas.  He didn’t seem to be worried that he lived in the Cat-Doctors’ building.  Still, I was well behaved just in case.  The two Cat-Doctors took weird see-through photos of my back, legs, and pelvis because when I am tired I run on three legs.  I was hit by a car a few years ago, before I adopted Driver and Servant, and my back right leg doesn’t work as well as the other ones.  The Cat-Doctors agreed that my joints looked okay, but my muscles on the right side needed strengthening – they prescribed less running and more swimming.  Swimming is okay, but I love to run!  I’m not sure I agree with their treatment.  We’ll see.

Christmas flowers at Home Depot store

Fortunately for me the Cat-Doctors let me leave without doing nasty things to me.  So far all the bad stories Thomas told me about Cancun have been big fat fibs.  I think he was trying to scare me.  Our next stop was at Home Depot where Servant and I waited outside in the shade and Driver went inside to buy a few things for our house on Isla Mujeres.  Servant was amused to see Poinsettia flowers and Canadian fir trees being delivered in early November to a store in Mexico.   Something about it was ‘way too early, or something like that.  Personally I don’t think it is ever too early to have a tree.  Every house should have a Christmas tree, all year around, for the dog to pee on.

Hardly any room left for me in the back seat

After Home Depot, we drove to an even bigger store, Costco, where Driver and I waited in the shade while Servant did the shopping.  I guess I’m not allowed inside the stores, so one person stays with me while the other one does the chores.  I’m okay with that.  I get lots of attention.
One last stop at Mega, next door to Costco, to stock up on Thomas’s favourite cat food flavours.  By now the trunk is full and more packages are stacked up around me in the back seat.  We have the top down on the car because I look so very cool, hip, with it, in a convertible.  I really like Driver’s choice of cars.

This is living – riding in a convertible

Finally we are headed back to Punta Sam, my ears are flying in the cooling breeze and I am looking forward to getting home.  

But, not yet.  We have to wait until the boat arrives for the three o’clock sailing.  I stretched out in the shade, keeping a sharp eye out for the gang of dogs that live at the ferry terminal. 

When the boat arrived and unloaded a man drove his big truck – the one my humans call the poo-sucker – on board and he emptied the holding tanks.  Then, at last thirty minutes late, we are allowed to board the boat.   We still can’t get out of the car, but I’m too tired to care anymore.  I collapsed on the back seat in amongst the parcels and tried to snooze while we headed back to Isla Mujeres.

Waiting at Punta Sam for the ferry boat

Arriving safe and sound back home the first thing I did was to tell Thomas he was wrong about dogs never coming back if they go to Cancun.  

He just flicked his bushy tail at me and smirked.  “Got ya!”  

Sometimes living with a know-it-all cat can be so frustrating. 
Anyway, it was a big adventure for me! 

Cheers from paradise,
Sparky  aka The Sparkinator!

The boat docking at Punta Sam

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  1. LOLOL Can't quit laughing Servant and Driver! Glad to know Sparky's okay and can strengthen his muscles with swimming. That Tommy's a troublemaker! LOL Sparky's big adventure! Love the new car!


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