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A few years ago we designed an extensive exercise program that is now wildly popular in many countries: Pilates on a Moto.  
This is part two of the exercise program, focusing on more intense exercises and featuring a gradual increase in the degree of difficulty. 
All of the exercises in this program are designed to strengthen your core muscles: abdominal 6-pack, butt muscles, hamstrings, and calf muscles.  It is strongly recommended that you do each exercise for a minimum of fifteen minutes to ensure the very best results.

Balance and coordination

Exercise #1  Balance and Coordination

This exercise is designed for one person.  Begin by holding a long heavy board in your left hand and get onto your motorcycle.  Then, start the moto with one hand.  As soon as you have the motorcycle moving balance the board on your lap in the vertical position while driving.  

If you do not have a heavy board available, an eight-foot step ladder is a satisfactory substitute.  The key to the effectiveness of this exercise is to ensure the object is long and heavy.   This exercise is guaranteed to dramatically increase your balance and coordination. 

Strengthen Core Muscles
Exercise #2  Strengthen Core Muscles

This exercise is primarily for your passenger’s benefit.  It will increase the strength and flexibility of his or her core muscles.  First, get on your moto.  Next, have the passenger sit behind you.  

Then ask the passenger to pick up a large heavy object, something awkward and weighing almost as much as the person.  Drive for fifteen minutes in traffic while your passenger clutches the object.  For the very best results do this exercise twice with your rider holding the object on first on the left side, and then on the right side of the moto.   This is guaranteed to tighten your core muscles and a few othermuscles too.

Total Family Workout
Exercise #3   Total Family Workout that Includes Your Pets

Are your lives too busy to find a few minutes of work out time with the family?  Here’s the exercise for you.  The only equipment required is one motorcycle and one helmet for each participating person.  To perform this exercise, get on the moto, then have the smallest child stand in front of you, while other family members find a place to sit on the back.

A minimum of three people, plus one dog of any size, or a maximum of five people are required to get the greatest benefit from this exercise.  It will increase balance and muscle coordination, plus work on all the core muscles for everyone in the family, including Fido.  This one is a real winner!

Post-exercise cool down.
At the end of your workout we advise a cooling down period.  

The ideal way to cool down is to drive with a large fan balanced on one knee.  This will allow a two-fold benefit: air flowing around as you drive, and air directed at your face by the fan.  It’s very therapeutic.

We hope you enjoy your new Pilates on a Moto exercises.


This blog post was meant to be very tongue-in-cheek.  We are in complete awe of our many island friends who are coordinated enough to carry the funniest array of large items their motos – with or without the help of a family member or friend.  It’s a talent that we just don’t have.

Lawrie and I can barely keep a moto upright, never mind adding extra people and cargo.  A nice stable golf cart is our preferred method of transportation.
Hasta Luego 

Lynda & Lawrie
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