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Isla Mujeres, quirky, haphazard, and delightful

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Interesting old building in Centro
I have an accumulation of thousands of photographs taken over the past few years, photographs that I am always eager to include in this blog, to write about, to explain. 
When stumped for an idea I will sit and peruse the files, clicking and scrolling, mentally sorting out the where, when and why of the photos. Usually an idea for the weekly blog post will pop into my head after a few minutes contemplation. This time, Lawrie, was casually looking over my shoulder and suggested a focus for the article just as the idea was formulating in my head! Damn! He’s reading my mind again.
Fruits and veggies – near our house
We were both thinking about the contrasts on the island; the big and the small, the expensive and the economical, the grandiose and the modest. 
Contrasts such as the unlit, narrow aisle leading into a quaint little neighbourhood tienda, a small local store providing fresh vegetables and a few assorted dry-goods to customers within a few block radius. 
Chedraui Super Store 
Contrast that with the large, bright Super X-Press, or Chedraui Super Stores offering new motorcycles, alcohol, baked goods, vegetables, meats, dairy products, or pharmaceuticals. Everything from refrigerators to toothpicks.

Expensive plaything
Then my eyes flicked over a series of photographs featuring sport fishing boats, yachts and cruisers ranging upwards to over a hundred feet in length. 
Grandiose indeed! 

Five fishermen headed out at sundown
Contrast those luxury playthings with the average twenty-six foot long open-topped work boats, loaded with fishermen, nets, hooks, and bait, heading out at sundown to in hopes of catching fish to sell to local restaurants.

Modest and cozy

Or housing. On Isla there are a number of humble little old-style houses made from wooden stakes or concrete blocks protected by roofs made of corrugated cardboard, impregnated with waterproof tar. These tiny homes are just wide enough to comfortably hang a hammock at night. 

Colourful and charming!

In the colonias, the thickly populated neighbourhoods, a myriad of modest, brightly painted abodes lend a colourful haphazard appearance to narrow streets. 
Cozy and charming these houses vary in shape and size with sufficient room for a family and pets to congregate for meals. 

Architectural wonder – Villa del la Vida
And then there are the splendorous shapes with commanding views of the turquoise ocean – the architectural wonders of shiny glass, and glittering metal, and dazzling white walls.
Contrasts; every where you look. It is part of the charm of Isla Mujeres, quirky, haphazard, and delightful.

Hasta Luego
Lynda and Lawrie
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  1. I have the same thoughts when thinking about posting on my blog–I have to get back to doing it–lots of photos I took on our last visit plus many from our everyday life.


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