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Vivid colours of sunflower yellow, tangerine, and turquoise blue entice passersby into the newly opened Caribbean Brisas Restaurant. 
Recently opened – Caribbean Brisas
Located on the eastern perimeter road about four blocks south of our house, it’s a great place for good food and fun people-watching.

Wbeymar Maldonado Silva and Karina Avila Gonzalez, owners of the original Brisas Grill, located on the beach on the west side of Isla opened a second locale this week. 
The new eatery features a simpler menu, with some of the favourites from their original restaurant: fajitas, ceviche, salads, grilled fish and pasta. Wbeymar also added a Philly Cheese Steak sandwich and other snack-type foods that can be enjoyed while basking in the afternoon sun on their large patio.
Wbeymar & Karina
Born on Isla, Wbeymar and Karina were high school sweethearts. They have been married for almost nineteen years and are still happily in love. 
They have three charming children, a son and two daughters. Other family members also live on the island: Wbeymar has two brothers and four sisters, while Karina has one brother.

Evening at Caribbean Brisas – photo from the FB page
Wbeymar has been in the restaurant business for most of his working career, starting at Na Balam as a dishwasher and working his way up to captain of the waiters. 
From there he moved on to the two Rolandi locations, the restaurant on Hidalgo Avenue, and the hotel restaurant in Sac Bajo. 
His next career was at Garafon National Reef Park as the Assistant Food and Beverage Manager.
My favourite Sopa de Limon – available at both locations
Eventually he decided to get involved with owning and operating a business, partnering up with Angelo in their original smaller location on Hidalgo. 
When they parted company Wbeymar and Karina took the plunge and started their own restaurant , Brisas Grill located on the beach a little bit south of Ballyhoo.  

Coming up to their 6thanniversary in business they decided to diversify a little and open a second location – Caribbean Brisas.
Evening at Caribbean Brisas – photo from the FB page
The original Brisas Grill on the beach is still our favourite place to sit with our toes in the sand, watching the boats come and go in the harbour while sharing a tasty meal. However the new location is a nice easy walk from our house, so this might become a new favourite of ours.
If you are touring around the island, stop in and give them a try.
Good food, and very nice people!
Hasta Luego

Lynda and Lawrie

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  1. I had dinner at Caribbean Brisas earlier this week. Excellent service and delicious blackened grouper. High quality food like I am used to at Brisas a Grill.


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