Isla Mujeres Mystery ~ Lynda L. Lock
Freddy Medina & Yadira Velazquez 

Santa! Elmo! Mickey! Minnie! Batman!” dozens of little kids ran giggling and laughing towards the parade. 

Participants riding in the decorated vehicles tossed glow sticks, small gifts, and candies into the shrieking hoards.
This was the second year that Freddy Medina and Yadira Medina Velázquez asked us to participate in a Christmas parade wearing the Mickey and Minnie Mouse costumes that were originally purchased for a Hallowe’en party at Villa la Bella. 
Marcy and Chuck – our drivers
The costumes are hot, clumsy, and exhausting to wear but when we see the smiles on the faces of the kids it’s well worth the trouble. Behind our foam mascot-heads Lawrie and I were grinning from ear to ear – not that anyone could see our smiles.
Our good friends Chuck and Marcy Watt again volunteered to be our drivers, plus enlisting their visiting friends John and Di Worhaug as the official candy-tossers for our golf carts. Numerous other friends joined in with decorated golf carts, or rode the funny bus. Too much fun!

A little Minnie Mouse!
The collection of vehicles assembled at a wide spot in the road, next door to our house. Everyone was on time! Wow! 
And this year we had two motorcycle policemen assisting at intersections, keeping the parade vehicles together. 

At six in the evening we started off with a flotilla of fifteen decorated vehicles and a collection of motorcycles.
No one had any idea where the parade route would take us. The bus driver and his navigator were responsible for deciding the route. 
It all depended on whether or not the bus could fit in a particular street, or if it would be too narrow. 

Dick, Tony, Paul and Mim
Even with these precautions the folks riding on the top of the bus had to duck a few times to avoid low hanging electrical wires. 
The excitement was all part of the fun as one of the bus riders would yell: Down! 
And then: Okay, clear!

Barlow, Brad, Tiff and Lior
We began by heading south, winding through the various neighbourhoods, up and down streets, around the Super X-Press, past the parks: waving, waving and waving.  Ahead of our vehicle I could see Freddy (Elmo) dancing and waving the entire two hours. That takes a lot of stamina!
Julie, Patty and Deb

Eventually we turned north along Rueda Medina passing the various restaurants and hotels, still waving and having a great time. 

Anna Karina and Lazardo
At the Soggy Peso entrance the parade came to an abrupt stop while one of the ladies on the bus made a mad dash for the baños! Upon her smiling return off we went again, winding our way through Centro, turning the corner at Jax Restaurant and finishing at Brisas Grill on the beach. 
Wbeymar Maldonado and his wife Karina Avila hosted an extended Happy Hour at Brisas Grill for the motley crew, allowing us to unwind, and rehydrate.
As I gave Freddy a hug, and a thank-you kiss on the cheek, I realized he was soaked with perspiration, right through Elmo’s thick red fur. 

Have a couple of cold beers my friend, you’ve earned it!
Freddy and Yadira 
Thanks again for including so many gringos in your fun. Our faces hurt from smiling!
Happy New Year to Everyone
Lynda and Lawrie
This week’s photo credits: Deb Rosa Sirenas, Diana Worhaug, Kevin Petty, Marcy Watt, and the Medina family.
More happy participants
Tonda, Tuggi, Kay and Kevin
Mickey, Minnie, Luz Medina 
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