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Hidden Secrets (Lawrie’s turn to write)

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I know, it’s a hard job running around Isla looking for all the fun bars. Oh well, my “check liver” light is not on at the moment, so here goes.

Starting downtown on Francisco Madero Street, just off Hidalgo Avenue is Tiny’s Bar. No, Tiny, the owner is not tiny, but the bar is. 

Two-for-one Mojitos
It is probably only eight feet across. Tiny’s is a fun spot with great drinks, and my brand of beer: Sol. 

But since it is two-for-one Mojitos day, I had to sample a couple, and then it is time to move on. 

This time I stopped at the Bunga Bar, also known as The Drunken Mermaid, just a cross from the ferry terminal on Rueda Medina. They don’t carry my brand of beer, but oh well, I guess rum and Coke it is. 

This is a perfect spot to people watch in the late afternoon – lots of small and even smaller bikinis passing by on the street – with fun music playing in the background.

I’ve got a bit of a buzz going. I’m going in circles, retracing my route back to Hemingway’s Grill (La Tablita) on Guerrero Avenue. 

La Tablita – Hemingway’s Grill
This is a place for me to get into serious trouble. Luz the bartender takes very good care of me, and they have icy cold Sol. Well, I’m going to leave the downtown area now, and travel up the west side of the island to where I can park the golf cart, and get a taxi as driving will soon not be an option for me.

Bahia Tortuga – listening to music.
Bahia Tortuga is the first bar I came across. It is a great palapa bar situated on the bay, with a stage for the outstanding live music acts they feature. 

They don’t have my kind of beer, but a Margarita or two will be just fine fun.

Soggy Peso SOL – colder than a penguin’s butt
Next is a short walk to the Soggy Peso Bar & Grill. Okay it’s only two doors away. 

Here I am in serious trouble; icy cold Sol cerveza, killer strong margs, and fun, friendly staff. I had to be taken home at this point (I think).

Oh, the sacrifices I make for a good story.

The day after I continue my quest to hunt down all the fun bars on Isla; besides I need the golf cart back.

Daddy Blues at Barlito’s 
On to Barlito’s at the Marina Paraiso. It’s another enjoyable palapa bar, overlooking a marina, that also features live music three nights a week. Barlito’s serves most types of beer, which is rare, as most bars in Mexico are either a Sol house, or a Corona house, but not both. It’s a licensing thing.

The Band with No Name at Chuuk Kay
Next door to Barlito’s is Casa Blanca. It’s one of those bars that is not structurally sound, as they seem to need a brass pole to hold the ceiling up. This one is probably best enjoyed later at night.

A little further along, and back on the waterfront, is Chuuk Kay with a new and very large palapa right on the beach. The covered space would easily accommodate a large wedding group. Chuuk Kay also has my kind of beer, and good food. The Band With No Name – Javier and the guys – play fun danceable tunes on weekends.

Five-piece Cuban band with a guest singer
Right next door is Varadero, also known as El Cuba Ron. It’s an excellent Cuban restaurant overlooking the passage where all the expensive boats pass by, headed into their docks, or stopping at Varadero for food and fun. They have live Cuban music on the weekends, both Sol and Corona products, and super fish dinners, but I’m just drinking this time. After leaving Varadero, out on the main road is Bronco’s, with cold Sol and late night entertainment. I would need a special kitchen pass to go there – and I’m afraid to ask!

I’ve heard good things about the Casa de los Sueñoshappy hour, and the one at Maria’s Kan Kin on the south-west side of the island, but darn, I’m impaired again and will have to continue this fact-finding mission another day …….

Hasta Luego
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