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A few months ago a good friend quipped that after reading our weekly blogs for the past four years, she had come to the conclusion that living on Isla was a never ending playdate for adults.  

That’s a pretty accurate assessment of the situation, especially in the winter months when our northern friends return to share our pretty little sandbox. 

This past week was definitely a continuous playdate!  The 5th Annual Island Time Fishing Tournament began on Monday February 3rd.  It’s a week-long festival featuring legendary fishing, talented musicians, and tantalizing food. 

The funds raised at various events during the week are donated to the Little Yellow School House;”to assist children who have physical, emotional, and learning disabilities.” It’s a win-win situation for everyone. 

The participants have fun and the school receives a large chunk of money to help with yearly operating expenses. 

Soggy Peso Bar & Grill – Brenda Nash Lamonica photo

We joined in the fun for three of the events:

Wednesday was the 4th annual Margarita Madness at the Soggy Peso Bar & Grill – starring three great guys who like to sing, play music, party, and sing some more. Once again Mal and Sally Richards, and their hardworking staff ensured that everyone had a great time. Only a few people unintentionally fell in the swimming pool this year!

Island Time Fiesta at Marina Paraiso

On Friday night a new event, the Island Time Fiesta, encompassed the large waterfront location of Marina Paraiso & Iguanas Restaurant.  

Organized by Tiffany and Brad Wareing, plus Carlos Espindola and Tani Cornell, it was a very successful and entertaining evening.  

Shortly before sundown, as we strolled along palm covered wooden walkways, we were greeted by the blood-pounding sounds of flamenco guitar music, and the rhythmic tapping of feet on a wooden stage. 


Female impersonator

As darkness fell, the second act, a troupe of female impersonators from Cancun, took the stage.  They performed complicated dance routines, that included energetic moves, while lip-syncing to popular songs.  

Their lead performer had a quick sense of humour, and even though the words were in Spanish we understood the intent.  

Our own, soon to be famous, Jeff Current

To wrap up the night, talented islander Jeff Current played guitar and sang fun tunes about sun, sand, and island life, interspersed with his good humoured jokes about islanders: “You might be an Isleño if …..”   

Well-known for his quick sense of humour, his secret has been exposed. He can sing, and sing well!  Plus he plays a mean guitar. 

Dispersed throughout crowd were food stations supplying a variety of yummy Mexican delicacies including tacos and a savoury paella created by the Marina Paraiso staff.

Logan Day showing off the yummy paella

Another food station provided custom-made marquesitas, those hot and crispy dessert crepes that can be slathered with chocolate, or Nutella, or bananas. Yum! 

The participating sport fishermen donated a heap of just-caught fish, wahoo, grouper, mahi mahi, that were turned into exquisite fish and chips.
The very happy crowd of over 600 attendees settled around the stage, or comfortably relaxed at tables scattered around the waterfront property.  With music, and food, and soft ambient lighting it was a perfect venue to relax and enjoy the tropical evening.

Disco Dance at Brisas Restaurante on the beach

On Sunday, the final Island Time Fishing Tournament event was the annual Disco Dance with Isla’s renowned DJ, Rosa Sirenas playing tunes and keeping everyone dancing.  

We had a lot of fun trying out various dance routines, faintly remembered from years past, and entertaining the startled passersby when they glanced into the interior of Brisas Restaurante. 

Having fun at Brisas Restaurante

“What the heck are they doing?”  Seemed to be the common question both in English and Spanish.  “Having fun, just having fun.” 

In all cases the proprietors of the venues: Soggy Peso Bar & Grill, Marina Paraiso & Iguanas Restaurant, plus Brisas Restaurante donated the use of their facilities, plus a huge chunk of the bar and food revenue to the sponsoring charity.  They are over-the-top good citizens.  Thank you everyone for a fun week, and for your support of a worthy cause.   

We need a rest!  No more playdates for this week: please!

Curtis Blogin, Bob Frye, and Lawrie at Brisas Restaurante

Hasta Luego
Lynda & Lawrie
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