Isla Mujeres Mystery ~ Lynda L. Lock
I hear y’all were at a disco …”

“I hear y’all were at a disco dance before comin’ here.” She said in her husky Georgian drawl.  Her grinning smile and the tone of her voice implying: a disco dance?  Really?

Well, yes, most of the crowd assembled to listen to E.G. Kight’s rich voice belt out southern-fried blues had been at a disco party thirty minutes before.

E.G.’s second performance at Jax Bar & Grill was the final event in a week-long string of festivities – all aimed at raising funds for two well-known island charities.

Enjoying E.G. Kight’s southern blues

The majority of the events were focused on raising money for the very significant Help a Special Child Inc. (The Little Yellow School House) while this second concert by E.G. Kight was solely to benefit the Isla Animals society. 

Hair of the Dog – starting point at Jax

Another event the Hair of the Dog Poker Run organized by Paul Ricker and Brook Prinsen was also a very successful first time event for the Isla Animals society.  

A group of fifty-two participants all clad in vivid green t-shirts met at Jax Bar & Grill on Saturday morning, and set off on their adventure as a group.  

Get Down Tonight!  Ashley, Lawrie, and Betty

The bar-hopping revelry yielded over $1000.00 to help with spay and neuter clinics, or vaccinations for the many dogs and puppies being sheltered and fed by the organization.  

The final fundraising event for Help a Special Child Inc. (The Little Yellow School House) was the disco dance hosted by Brisas Restaurante.  

The proprietors Karina and Wbeymar Maldonado contributed fifty percent of the beverage revenue to the host charity.  

DJ Rosa Sirenas

It was a fun way for the volunteers who helped with the fishing tournament, the music festival, and the t-shirt sales to unwind, relax, have a few laughs.  

Special guest DJ Rosa Sirenas kept everyone grooving to the music until it was time to boogie on down the road to Jax, and the final E.G. Kight concert.

And just to keep everything interesting the national Mexican carnival celebrations started on Friday, so at times the two boisterous events overlapped each other with raucous music, booming sound systems, dance troops, noisemakers and whistles competing with speeches and awards ceremonies.  

One of the colourful Carnival entries

At one point during the disco dance we had two separate sound systems on the street booming out salsa music for the carnival dancers, and our DJ blasting disco tunes. 

How do you dance to that?  

Is it salsa-disco, or rock-and-roll salsa?  It was all good fun.

But now it’s over, wrapped up for another year; two amazing back-to-back events; the six-day long Island Time Fishing Festival intersecting the five-day Mexican carnival celebrations.  

Great Carnival band – beating on the drums  

Whew!  It’s nice to get back to a quieter routine. 

Hasta Luego          
Lynda and Lawrie


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