Isla Mujeres Mystery ~ Lynda L. Lock

Local fisherman and his helpful dog

Well, damn, I can’t remember the name of this particular fish. 
I have asked local friends at least three times what the name is, but because I don’t write it down, it’s gone out of my mind – again.   
A few months ago, right about the time a hurricane was sliding across the Yucatan Peninsula thankfully avoiding us, a local family was busy fishing just in front of our casa with hand lines, pulling in dozens of this particular fish – long, thin and bony.   
It seems that the north winds bring this species down from further up in the gulf and the hurricane was creating strong northerly winds for a couple of days which pushed the fish towards Isla.

So many fish!

We have seen this family before, and it is amazing how efficient they are as fishermen.  The brothers and one sister have a great routine. 
The sister either runs along the shore or climbs up on the higher rocks to “spot” the fish for her brothers who then deploy hand lines, or if the fishing is particularly hot she has her own hand line and can haul in as many as the boys.
This dog was trying to be so helpful …
On this day the fishing was so good one of the boys ran back to the Colonias to get their dad and mom, uncle and auntie, and possibly an older brother or cousin in on the action.  In about 30 minutes the group had a dozen or so of the long bony fish landed – with two Spaniel-type-mutts trying to help out. There was a lot of growling and other fierce noises going on while the dogs shook the hapless fish in their teeth.
It seemed like a pretty good way to have a family outing – and then the rain started.  But the intrepid fishermen kept working the surf for another 15 minutes or so, before giving in and heading back to their homes.
Still fishing in rain storm
Lots of fish for the family dinner that night!

Our friend Tony Poot emailed to say the name of the fish is Lady Fish (English) and Sosin (Spanish).  So, now that I have it written on my blog – I should be able to remember it! Hopefully!

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