Isla Mujeres Mystery ~ Lynda L. Lock
I love stalking weddings!  I can usually get great candid photos while the wedding participants are concentrating the official photographer’s very detailed instructions.  “Stand here.  Look over your shoulder.  Turn this way.  Pretend you are blowing a kiss.”  (You know, you’ve all been there at some point either as the bride, groom, bride’s maid, or best man.)

Photographer setting up the shots!

The young couple staying next door at Casa Luna Turquesa for the last few weeks, planning their wedding, finally tied the knot on Saturday afternoon.  Vows were exchanged on the beach in front of the house while an intimate gathering of family looked on.  I hung off of our upper floor balcony – paparazzi-style –  to take a few photos of the group, just as they released a blizzard of iridescent soap bubbles into the air.  The bubbles were a very pretty alternative to confetti!

Love her shoes!

A little later in the afternoon two blocks south of our house, we spotted another bride and groom working with their photographer.  This bride was wearing fabulous black sequined high-heels, not intended for clamoring over a rock-strewn beach.  However, her very attentive groom tried his best to help her totter from location to location, lifting her up and over the larger obstructions, at the direction of the photographer – looking for the very best photo opportunity. 

November 2011 in Centro

This got me to thinking about how perfect Isla Mujeres is for tropical weddings with sugar-white sand beaches, palm trees, mild and sunny weather most of the year, dozens of great restaurants and catering companies, plus lots of accommodation choices for the incoming guests. 
We have a number wedding and event planners working and living on the island, making it easier for couples to get married here. 
These talented coordinators will help with locations, flowers, cakes, entertainment, catering, photographers, and a myriad of details to make it a very special day.
First there is Tiffany Lanier and her group of talented wedding coordinators working under the name of SunHorse Weddings.  Tiffany has been creating fabulous weddings since 2002. Her website is -   
Then there is the sister team of Maria del Mar, and Kin Lima who grew up on Isla Mujeres, are fluently bilingual and are descendants of the Lima family.  Their website is –
The third wedding planner is Sabina Tamm, arriving in 1988 from Germany she has been organizing special events for the past fifteen years.  Her website is –
For great catering our favourite is Barlito’s Bakery and Cafe & Sonrisas Catering, with yummy creations from Brad and Tiffany Wareing.  They have a FaceBook page that you can join for more info.

Well equiped photographer – she has 3 cameras!

So once the decisions are made and the day begins – just remember to relax, enjoy, participate, and be present in the moment. 

And keep your eyes open, you may see me smiling in the background, snapping photos of your special day.
Our Recent Restaurant Review:  Limón Restaurante
Limón is the brainchild of Sergio Martinez and Charrissa Gillingham – formerly of Sergio’s on Playa del Sol.  It is situated on the ground floor of their pretty family home, near the Super Express in la Glorias.  (If you are looking at the Super Express, turn to your left, and look for the terracotta-coloured house just up from the corner.)

Limon Restaurante on Isla Mujeres

Out of a possible 1 to 5 Forks  – here’s our rating for Limón:
Food:        4 Forks – My Seared Tuna was fabulous as were my Mussels.  Lawrie had delicious Beef Carpaccio and a Trilogy of Rosemary Kebabs with beef, chicken, and shrimp.  His only difficulty was in removing the meat from the skewers – maybe a little spray ‘pam’ would fix that situation.
Ambiance:  5 Forks – lovely inside, and in the garden
Service:     5 Forks – with the exception of one forgotten beer – perfect!
Wine:        3 Forks – one red and one white, good wines, but limited selection
Value:       4 Forks – $800.00 pesos for the two of us including tip and wine

Charrissa and Sergio


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