Isla Mujeres Mystery ~ Lynda L. Lock
Take three kids, add eight adults, toss in a few pirate hats, pirate wigs, and swords and eye-patches, and you get – a treasure hunt!

On Monday afternoon we marshaled the group at our house on Aeropuerto Road, starting with the first clue that directed them to the downtown area with instructions to“walk east to where lost souls gather” and to quietly look for the secret clue behind the Pirate Mundaca’s gravestone.  Shhhh.  Don’t let him hear you.  And be very respectful of other residents sleeping there.

From there Lawrie (Captain Elmo) led them through town, with clues to “walk south past the brightly painted building with a name that translates to either tomorrow or morning.”  Then they trekked along the seawall looking for clue number three which then directed the group past the Naval base with various directions including “look for a man named Benito.  The fourth clue is behind the golden hands.”

I had the easiest job.  I kept fifteen minutes ahead of the group in the nicely air-conditioned car, setting out the next clues.  One stop included the Casa de Gallo – “House of the Rooster” where Chuck and Marcy Watt helped out with clue number five.  They also provided a cooling drink of “grog” for the pirates.

Out on the road again the next clue included “Drive south past: beer so cold it will make your teeth hurt, and turn right onto the road to the newest house of God.”  As it turned out I had to amend that instruction to avoid that particular route, as various carnival rides were now parked smack in the middle of the road.  Oh well, this well-equipped pirate had a cell-phone to communicate with the drivers to re-route the cavalcade of golf carts.

At the Hacienda Mundaca park, in the centre of the island, the group paid the twenty pesos per person entrance fee and stormed the park.  The sixth clue was inside the Pirate Mundaca’s Casa “behind the light that does not shine.”  I was waiting hidden in the bushes at the park, watching to see if the group would take the correct path to the next location.  Lawrie had dropped off at our house to make sure that the treasure was buried on the beach in front of our house.  



Our neighbors Ronda and Bruce Roberts snuck onto our beach after the pirate cavalcade left the area, and created a giant X on the beach, along with a terrific sand sculpture of a skull and crossbones!  Lawrie then buried the three sacks of treasure in the sand.


Meanwhile, still back on the treasure hunt the pirates were told to walk into the Jardin de Mundaca and look for the source of water, then draw up your seventh clue.”  


Finally the hot, tired, group arrived back at our house to look for clue number eight which directed them to our rooftop: “Climb Up, up – to where you can see the sea. Look to the east – then look down.  What do you see?”  Pandemonium ensued while the three boys scrambled down the tower staircase to be the first to get their hands on the treasure.

Great fun for everyone.   And a special thanks to everyone who participated.  Too much fun.


In case you think that we don’t do anything but goof around, well, you would be correct in making that assumption.  Wednesday this week Elmo (Lawrie’s secret alter-ego) made a guest appearance at the first anniversary celebrations at Barlito’s on Hidalgo.  Judging by the many fans, big and small, clamoring for a photo with Elmo – he was a huge success!

Barlito’s was jammed with invited customers and friends of Brad and Tiffany Wareing.  Fabulous event guys, especially the Piñata at the end of the evening.  Evan and Ethan (the grand-kids) had a great time at their, quote “first Mexican party.”

Wednesday was also “Dolphin Discovery Day” for the guys.  They had a ton of fun there as well.  The Boyz head back to Canada tomorrow afternoon.  We’ve had so much fun these last two weeks with Evan, Ethan, and John, but dear God we are worn out!
Elmo gets the girl!
A very Merry Christmas, and a special Seasons Greetings from all of us to all of you!


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  1. Oh, I LOVE that photo of you and Elmo walking down the street! Both of you have such a zest for life that you're passing on to the grandkids! Feliz Navidad! Sorry we never made it over when we were on Isla.


  2. Hi Becky – Lawrie and I do have fun together. Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Seasons Greetings, and Happy New Year to you and Craig. Another vacation, another time … love your photos as well. Cheers Lynda


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