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NEW: Chedraui Grocery Store and the Iguanas Restaurante

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When can we start shopping?  Now?  Soon?

Yippee!  We have a fabulous new grocery store on Isla – Chedraui!  For those of you who do not live on Isla, you probably can’t understand the excitement amongst the ‘gringo’ community.  When Canadian friends come to visit they are amused by the many conversations that start with; “I found fresh milk at Costco, or Paul Newman’s Salad Dressing at Plaza Las Americas, or English Muffins at Sam’s Club.”  As ex-pats, our life revolves around finding stuff that we want, crave, or need.

Helpful Chedraui staff

So now, on the island, there is a fresh fish section, a fresh produce section, pet food, salad dressings, turkey dressing, clothes, household items, and a bakery that is larger than the main floor of our house. Oh man, there goes the diet!  The new store will cut down on the number of times we go to Cancun for groceries, however there are still some very important items that they don’t stock such as Fancy Feast cat food for my two spoiled cats. 

Staff welcoming first customers

The official opening was scheduled for Wednesday morning, but we heard via the island grapevine that a ‘soft opening’ would be held on Tuesday at 1:20 p.m., so a number of us stood in line outside door to be the ‘first’ customers.  Much to the amusement of the locals, Lo-Lo Lorena found a way to squirm past the crowd and be the first person up the escalators. 
Lawrie and I loaded up on good stuff, including six boxes of Twinning’s Darjeeling Tea – my favourite.  (Okay, maybe we bought a few bakery items as well!)

One of these, and one of those, and a chocolate ‘Raton”

Iguanas Restaurante & Bar at Marina Paraiso
The new Iguanas Bar has recently opened at the Marina Paraiso.  We popped in on Tuesday afternoon to have a look around.  The palapa-covered Iguanas Bar sits on the beach with a great view of the blue Caribbean water and a number of beautiful yachts moored at the docks.  The numerous ‘jelly-fish’ lanterns hanging over the bar create a colourful ambiance.  We had a pleasant time, chatting with Coleena Smithwick the bar manager and several other guests who had arrived on Isla via their private yacht.  It’s a great spot to have a quiet evening drink and watch the sunset.
Pool at Marina Paraiso, overlooking the new Iguanas Bar 
The Iguanas Restaurante was still a couple of days away from opening, but should be operational by this weekend.  Regis Nicouleau, the restaurant manager who originally hails from France, mentioned that he was experiencing a few delays due to most of the island workers, and repairmen being occupied by the new Chedraui Store opening date.  Now that the grocery store is officially open, the workers are once again available to finish things off at Iguanas Restaurante. 
We are waiting with great anticipation for the opening.
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