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Isla’s Got Talent!
Ornela age 4 1/2 singing and dancing
Saturday November 26th we saw an amazing variety of people come out to the first annual “Isla’s Got Talent” showcase to strut their stuff on stage at the La Luna Night Club.  The event was a fundraiser for the middle school breakfast program on Isla.  It was the brain child of Kay Cole, and her enthusiastic group of helpers, Sue Lo, Bev Willard, and Lupita Meillon.

Chris Cooper juggling

Chris Cooper, the manager of La Luna generously donated the use of the premises for the event.  Chris was also one of the featured acts with this cocktail juggling and flaming drinks.  It was most impressive that he could juggle, then set a stack of beverage-filled glasses on fire, and not burn down the overhead palapa! 

Auctioneer Lawrie Lock, Princess Mindy Poot

Lawrie Lock, my better half, was the Master of Ceremonies introducing the various acts, and then switching into auctioneer mode at the end of the program to auction off a couple of items donated by the Naval Officers’ Wives Association. Middle School Princess, Mindy Poot, helped out as well. 

Bev Willard, Sue Lo, Lawrie Lock auction off bottle of rum

Then Bev Willard, and Sue Lo did a great job of getting $500.00 pesos from the crowd for the bottle of rum donated by La Luna. 

The audience had a great time cheering for the brave participants.  Mary sang Sweet Surrender.  Zoe sang Beautiful.  And 4-1/2 year old Orlena sang The Climb and danced.   

Zoe singing Beautiful
Ernesto sang two beautiful songs in Spanish, Jose demonstrated Tae Kwon Do, Gaby recited a story-poem in Spanish, and we were treated to a fun demonstration of dancing the salsa that inspired the audience to dance along to the music.
Mary singing Sweet Surrender

 Islander, Jeff Current was a huge success as a first time comedian.  His jokes and comments about life on Isla were hilarious, but the funniest part was when a dog (Max) wandered on stage to help out with the jokes.  Locally, Jeff is known as The Dog Lady’s Husband. 

Jeff Currant and Max – “You might be an Isleano if”

Allison Sawyer Current is famous in her own right as an author of several books, TV interviews, pottery, and non-stop fundraising and caring for hundreds of abandoned dogs, but this was Jeff’s night to be the star.  His take on Jeff Foxworthy’s “you might be a redneck if” … transformed into “you might be an Isleano if” … had everyone howling with laughter.
A nice bit of cash was raised during the event to provide breakfast for hungry kids at the middle school. 
Great job everyone! 

Gaby reciting a story-poem

Ernesto singing

Jose – strutting his stuff!

Kay Cole – the organizer
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